Clone dvd

I have been using clone dvd for about 2 years now and have only had 1 other problem and I solved that by buying a new burner,well lately I have tried using clone dvd and sometimes it will write to a blank dvd but most the time it won’t it will just keep saying writing and a image of a disc will stay on my cursor flashing to a error box pops up that usually says bad media,I have a LITEON ALLWRITE 16X DVD±RW DL DVD LIGHTSCRIBE that I just bought 2 weeks ago,I have used plus and minus dvd media and still have the same trouble and have used brands tdk,sony and hp and still have the same problem with each brand I have unistalled and reinstalled clone dvd to try and correct the problem but nothing I have done works is there anything I can do that I havent already tried .I also have the updated version installed.

thank you

I just got the trial version of CloneDVD, and the first time I tried a burn a backup (on a HP DL blank dvd) I got the “media error” during the burn. Tried 3 different HP DL blank disks (all sealed and brand new) but got the same error every time.

to both posters, minimal information has been provided on either problem. please see this thread ( and post all relevant information so we can help.

the above linked thread assumesyou’re using anydvd to decrypt. since neither of you stated otherwise i will assume as such since anydvd and clonedvd2 is a likely ocmibnation.