Clone dvd

I have clone dvd 2 burned first daughter, shall we dance and the disk is unreadable in my bose system. mr 3000 and ray work fine??? i did the burning the same way :slight_smile:

What media did you use…

Fuji dvd+R that is what I have been using for months in the same system. Burned RAY on a verbatim DVD+R DL no probs.

Try 4X burn speed. Are those 8X DVD+R Fuji discs made in Japan? Should say so on the top of the media. If not, then you need to download DVD Indentifier and post the media code.

If you knew the Media code of each Disk burnt that would help you understand what your standalone player likes and not like.

If you are using +R’s are you using bit-setting? was bit-setting turned on or off when you burnt each of the +R’s?

To give us a better idea, could you give some spec’s

  1. Model of your standalone
  2. Model of DVD burner
  3. Media Code of your +R’s

I believe that CloneDVD auto set bit-setting for +R’s DL? to make them more compatible, not sure which version started it