Clone DVD - x men 3 source data error

sorry all, i posted thi in the wrong forum. i moved it to here. i am new here but have been browsing for months. i use the Clone DVD v. and Any DVD v. . I have made many back ups for our truck and the boys room. they all worked great!

Up untill i bought Xmen 3 and am trying to make a back up for our family road trip. i keep getting an error.

Writing to video media was not successful:

source data too large

this writer is not capable of writing the source data as requested.

the file i created is 7.39 gb and i am using a DVD+r DL. i know i have enough room and made a few back ups with no issues at all. I tied re-ripping in to an another location, name, different discs, etc. any one have any ideas?

At what point do you get this error? Are you burning with CloneDVD or another app?

I guess it’s possible the your burner doesn’t recognise the DL media you’re using, which is Verbatim I hope.

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CloneDVD2 is up to, you should update. Did you set it for DVD-9 (DL)? If not, I believe the default is DVD-5 (SL) and an uncompressed disc would not fit on a SL disc hence the “souce data too large” message. Also, I echo TimC’s suggestion to use Verbatim DL media, it is the [I][B]only[/B][/I] reliable DL media.

I am using DVD and i have Fugi media. I have NEVER had an issue up until now. I am using a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-840S and yes, i have disabled the RAM portion of the drive. I am also getting an Analogue Protection Error when i try to use DVD Mobile when i put my Scrubs disks on my iPod also. I have tried many many other all ternatives. i have tried other aps, same errors.

Any help would be KILLER!

Anydvd is up to, try updating, or try ripit4me.

Heres a wierd isssue. i uninstalled all of my burning software and installed the new ripit4me gear. it seams to work for scrubs or xmen to rip and burn.

when i “test” the rip with the stock intervideo on my Toshiba laptop, none of the menues are active. you cant click on the title menu to “play all” or “Language” or what ever.

it burns ok BUT whne you watch the flicks, they are watchable but skip scenes like the disk is dirty or scrathed. the media is brand new and the source disc is perfect.

help!!! :a :bow: :a :bow: :a :bow: :a :bow: