Clone DVD wont fit DVD but 1 click will?

I have both CloneDVD and 1Click and I notice Clone DVD wont fit some DVD without transcoding when 1Click will? I dont like to compress and switch to DL disks when confronted with a larger file than can be put on a 4.7 disk. I found that CloneDVD is reporting 95-98% will fit when 1 Click will report 100%. Is there something that 1Click is removing that CloneDVD isnt or should be?

Here something to chew on anything any program says it will fit a 8.4 G media onto a 4.7 G media you are loosing something that is a fact. Think logically there no physical way to squeeze same information ie like a HD to 3.5 inch disk without loosing something. If you truly want 1:1 duplication use DL media.

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I’m new to backing up in Dual Layer! I’m going to use DVD+R DL…would you please suggest a good tool to back up?

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CloneCD is what i use because it keeps the layer break. If your looking for a free alternative however you could try imgburn at this will also keep the layer break.

I guess I wasnt clear enough in my post. I know I cant fit 8 gig on 4 gig. I use both programs because 1Click does a better job of stripping the movie down to fit on a single layer disk. I save money that way. A lot movies will still fit on a single layer disk when you strip out the menues and extras. The transcoder is then not used and you have a non compressed movie and you dont use a more expensive DL disk. I was asking why CopyDVD doesnt reduce as far as 1Click? My guess is 1Click is more agressive in its removal process as it claims. I have several movies if I would have only used CopyDVD I would have needed to use DL disks where 1Click did it on single layer. Debates on the forum is about quality which is directly related the transcoder. If you dont compress then both programs in theory should be perfect copies. My second question is that true? I dont want a flame war over which is a better but for my use 1Click seems to be a better program for removing unnessary extras and I wanted to share that obsevation with the forum and since SlySoft seems to suport this forum give them a heads up.

You probably have your disc size set some what differently with the two programs.

Are you ripping the main movie only?

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It has been passed in a couple of Forum threads by SlySoft (James) that if the percentage in CloneDVD is at 100% no transcodeing compression has taken place.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to amble over to the dedicated 1Click CD Freaks Forum ( and inquire over there if the “experts” there could explain what is happening in the 1Click software program that allows more than 4.7 GB of data to fit on a 4.7GB disk without any compression taking place. Maybe 1Click knows more magic than CloneDVD?


Clone DVD is reporting more than 4.7gig and 1Click reports less. I guess maybe I should post it in 1Click forum about how Clone DVD doesnt work as well and I can get some answers as to how come. I thought Clone DVD was the better program. :doh:

I like either CloneDVD or 1Click and ANyDVD. Have yet to have any problems with either program.

It is…(imnsho)

Yes, just the movie. If it is larger than 4.7 then I rip it with DL disk and copie the menus and extras. Clone DVD is nice so I can drop the languages and subtitles I could care less about.

Thats the not it…Clone DVD reports 95% and will need compression when 1Click reports no compession needed. :confused:

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Its same thing only you are saying it differently.

If CloneDVD reports 95% means the data you are attempting to copy is lager/bigger than 4.7GB and needs to be slightly compressed.

Whereas the same amount of data using 1Click reports no compression needed. Why 1Click reports no compression is need on the same amount of data CloneDVD needs to slightly compress is a question you need to ask the 1Click “experts” that frequent the 1Click Forum (


I also have both of these +.

Yes 1click does compress a bit more, additionnally the quality IMHO and experience is a bit better with 1click then clone with the really large ones, if you are worried about size and quality in the cases of very high compression I suggest you use DVDFab and Split these on 2 DVD’s . Although Clone DVD2 does have a split function DBVDFab’s is better and simpler.