Clone DVD will not work at All

Ok so I’ve used clonedvd2 and anydvd trial period up and then I purchased the license key for both of them. Right after that, they no longer work at all. I can not even uninstall the programs as they say the files are corrupt or a virus might have infected them. So I run a virus scan on them and both programs are clean. I try to contact the company for help but no repsonse. So I am stuck with 2 programs that seem to be useless at the moment with license keys that I can’t even use. Any suggestions?

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First, make certyain you have made copies of the license key files and e-mails. Save to a floppy, CD, &/or DVD.

Try restoring the system to an earlier point, installing the two programs and running the license keys.

How long ago did you contact Slysoft? Sometimes it takes a while for them to get back to you. Also, did you send your order number for them to look up?

If you think you have a virus on your system and you can’t uninstall both programs because the uninstaller is damaged, then it’s best that you do a back up of your personal files including your newly purchased license keys and perform a system restore on your computer. This will “refresh” your machine and you should be able to function without issues.

Ok, ok … he doesn’t need a system restore (and some of you are just assuming zjigg1k is using XP anyway) And it is unlikely that Slysoft is going to respond to his “virus warning” question, if a support ticket was opened.

Welcome to cdf. You have to buy your key from Slysoft and not from a friend or on ebay, etc.

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ok, I did purchase my license keys from slysoft and I still have the invoice for verification purposes. I am also using windows xp home service pack 2. Now, just to let everyone know, before I started this topic, I had already tried to restore my system to an earlier date and still I receive the same issue. I gave slysoft all of the information requested and still no answer. I also ran another virus check and my system is clean. Anydvd works but after like 20 mins of it being active it has the same problem as clone dvd but I never need to enter my license key for it as it has already acknowledged it. My clonedvd does not accept the license key at all and does not even let me use the trial period. So I use dvd shrink instead. I don’t know what to do since I can’t get a response from the company nor even restore the program.

Everything you have described is what happens when you use a crack on these programs. That is why whisperer1 said what he did. If you do a search on the clonedvd and anydvd forums, you will find many posts about this.

The Original Posters File Corrupted/Virus Warning problem and 20 minute activation problem is very reminiscent of two pervious AnyDVD Forum posting threads ->

As Forum Member Whisperer1 points out it is higly unlikely SlySoft is going to respond to a customer who is reporting a Virus problem. Maintaining the Windows Operating System integrity is the individual user responsibility. Depending on the particular Virus involved using a System Restore will not correct the problem. The Virus involved could be so invasive that a total Window Operating System re-installation might be required.