Clone DVD vs Clone DVD Mobile



Can someone please explain to me if you have a player (Archos 605 for me with all plug-ins) that can handle VOB’s, AVI’s etc. Pretty much any format of video file.

What is the difference between using regular Clone DVD to convert the movie down to 1gig (by going into clone dvd and setting the quality to 1000MB, Audio set to 2 channel) and then making DVD files from that and copying them to the Media player versus using Clone DVD Mobile which will reduce it to about the same size with the same settings.

Is there actually a difference within the 2 processes that gives the Mobile version an actual true better video quality and sound quality?



Don’t know where you got your info but CloneDVD just compresses the format to fit onto smaller media like going from dvd9 to dvd5. Clonedvdmobile is changing the format of the movie to fit onto portable devices.


You can use ClonDVD2 as mention to compress down to 1000MB’s but Clone DVD Mobile I bet will do a better job.