Clone DVD...Useless?

Just downloaded the trial version of Clone DVD and tried to copy a film called ‘Seven’ from 1995.
DVD Shrink wouldn’t do it (the usual cycle redundancy problem) so I thought I’d have a go using Clone DVD.
At $39 I thought it would be something special but it seems to be as useless as many others.
The disc I was trying to copy is in immaculate condition, and it got ‘stuck’ in the same place as DVD Shrink.
I know they put in dummy segments to make programmes such as DVD Shrink fail but when people pay out $39 one would of thought that this problem would of been eradicated :eek:

you should of bought (clonedvd2 with anydvd $59.00) by slysoft/elby go to free 21 day trial no restrictions

  1. This is not even the forum for that piece of shit product.

  2. A 10 secs search in google would have shown you how to rip/copy all kinds of dvds using only freeware.

  3. You tried CloneDVD, that alone gives you “twat of the year” status :clap:

As Hobo10 said you bought or are trying a clonedvd wanabee and you should go to to download the combo of anydvd and clonedvd2 and I am sure these programs will do what you want. Before buying you should search this forum . good luck

I downloaded the ‘TRIAL’ I did not buy the software. :eek:

Apologies, was in a bad mood.

as said above, download from and you won’t have any problems :wink:

yup… this is a software developed to leech off of clonedvd2’s status… at least that is what i have heard…

also, just a little hint, the screen print takes a capture of your screen. That way you dont have to take photos on your camera :wink:

Please enlighten me, how does one do that? :confused:

If you look at the top of your keyboard, there are a series of keys, that go esc, f1,f2 etc. After f12 there is a key that says “screen print”. Push it and it will take a copy of your screen. Then open a program like notepad and push ctrl-v/paste and your screen capture will come up.

Many thanks.
One learns something every day doesn’t one :bow:

That is cool about the print screen,I tried it in notepad and it didn’t work, But I used it in word and worked great.

Great, I learned a lot too by reading this thread. I have searched quite a while to find myself a way to copy dvd’s without troublesome protections. “Any DVD” from Slysoft is this weeks hero on my systrem does the job.
I use any dvd together with Nero and that works fine for me.
Then like scooter, the printscreen thing didn’t work in notepad, but in word it’s working.
It felt as a great relief to finally have found an application that does the job right.
Thanks to everyone.

Alt + PrintScrn will also capture tha active window. Then just paste into Paint (or Paint Shop Pro, or whatever). :slight_smile:

(I mention it as I did it a lot yesterday, capturing stills etc from Media Player).

hey has anyone actually bought this software and has burnt numerous dvds with this, What i mean is does it work with all the encryptions out there?

With AnyDVD installed also, most/all encryption should not be a problem…as fas as I know.