Clone DVD trouble

Hi all. I am a newly registered user of this forum and this is my first post. I used to use DVD X Copy for my needs but that has changed. I recently started using AnyDVD with Clone DVD but I have had problems from the get go. AnyDVD is running and I have no trouble selecting my source for Clone DVD. I am using AnyDVD ver. and Clone DVD ver. The actual movie I attempted to copy is House of Wax. I selected DVD9 to DVD5 on Clone DVD which is, as far as I understand, is supposed to automatically resize the movie and all it’s content down to fit on one 4.7 gig DVD disk.

I start the process and everything goes great. I insert a blank disk into the drive when Clone DVD is ready to burn and when I hit start there is an error stating that the data file is larger than the target file size and it will not let me copy to the disk. It goes on to say I must remove some of my selections to decrease the data size. I have tried manually increasing the target size to be larger than the previous attempt but still small enough to fit on one disk but the data size always ends up higher by 3-4 megs in size than the target size and it will not let me burn the disk. I am interested in trying other software that I have read about but want to know why this particular problem has arisen and what I can do about it. Thank you all for your time.


Hi :slight_smile:
You need to update AnyDVD to
CloneDVD2 is now version
I believe that the CloneDVD that you using is inferior.
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You are using the wrong CloneDVD. The original is Elby’s CloneDVD2. You can download both (AnyDVD, CloneDVD2) software from here:


And if you are real nice - Alex will actually come to your house and install it for you - right Alex-eh?

Actually - just kidding - it is payback for a comment made by Alex a couple of weeks ago…