Clone DVD to ISO Missing

I have recently purchased MacX DVD Converter Pro. I tried to rip a DVD File and only the first chapter will rip (this also occurs in Handbrake). I contacted Customer Service and I was told to select “rip the DVD to ISO and upload the ISO file”. However, when I went to the backup section there was NO “Clone DVD to ISO” option available. I looked through every possible option and there was no reference to ISO at all. Any ideas as to what I am missing?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Jeff,

I’m sorry that I just saw your post. As for your question, I checked with my colleague in support team and got know than they did reply your email on December 8 but failed to receive any update message from you. I’m not sure if there is anything going wrong. Please kindly check your inbox including spam folder again. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you again for using our software.


I have not really received a complete answer. I have asked basically 2 questions: Why does this movie (DVD file) only encode the first chapter and then stop when using MacX DVD Ripper Pro AND where is the Clone DVD to ISO option that they recommended I try. The last email I received from Digiarty suggested I upload the VIDEO_TS file to PCloud which I did. Since then I have received no response. This was on 12/1. Subsequently I asked (again) where the DVD to ISO option was as I could not find it when a DVD folder was loaded. I received a “response” on 12/7 asking if I was ripping a disc or VIDEO_TS file. That question confirmed my assumption that the DVD to ISO option is only available when ripping from a disc as when I put a disk in my compter the option became available.

So, that leaves me with 1 unanswered question…why won’t the VIDEO_TS file that I uploaded to PCloud encode more that just the 1st chapter? It has been 10 days and no response from Digiarty.




Sorry for the inconvenience. We will do a deep analysis later and provide you with the solution as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for your patience during the period.

BTW, did you see the private message I sent you? We’d appreciate much if you could kindly provide the link. Thanks.