Clone DVD suddenly not working



And I am getting this error message. I am stumped,can anyone help please.

File 0 C:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\CloneDVD2\eraser\PAL\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.IFO 2 TCE–unable to open file. The system can not find the file specifed. Be sure that all available files requested are available and try again.
I’ve been trying all night…this is VERY frustrating, I have been using clone dvd for a while with no problem, I am stumped.


Uninstall it and reinstall it. Be sure to either save the registration data in the registry when asked or reimport your key when you reinstall.


I don’t have the key anymore and when I unistalled it and reinstalled it now it says the trial is over. Don’t know what to do now.


where did you put the key?
do you still have the emails you were sent when you bought it, one of them has the key in it


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Unfortunately as you’ve not saved key as advised in email sent with key, there’s probably not a lot you can do. Before you uninstalled CloneDVD2 you should have checked this. Finding you’ve lost the key, you could at that point made a note of the registration serial #. Also in the CloneDVD2 directory there should have been relevant info/key. If you still have a slysoft CloneDVD2 folder you may find the info you need. If not either try & sweet talk slysoft or put it down to experience. Right it off & pay again.
Edited to reflect the right program (CloneDVD2 & not AnyDVD). :doh:


I thought I had the key but when I looked for it the email was gone. So I guess I will have to re-purchase it. It is cheaper purchasing via your forum? I wasn’t using anydvd with it but DVD Region+CSS Free software. Now I am wondering I need to buy both clone dvd and anydvd together.


you can email slysoft and ask them nicely to resend you your key :bow: :flower:


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Check PM for info that may be of use. :cool:


Got it and thanks very much!


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Your welcome, you can also use “cdfreaks” without the quotation marks in the coupon code for discount currently. :bigsmile:


I have it again and this time the key will be put in a safe place.
Should I be saving it on a cd?


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Personally I have all my utils etc backed up on dvd. But cd is fine, although key will fit on floppy.


I save all my important stuff onto cd/dvd and keep them in the software box that came with my PC, so i know where to get every time.


Ok, I will do that tomorrow. I don’t have a floppy thus why I said CD and I find floppy’s get erased easier than cds too so I’d feel more safe burning to cd.


I’m gonna do that tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.