Clone DVD stops burning at 19-20%


I’m am on a 21 day trail using Any DVD and Clone DVD2 to copy the movie “The Lake House”. Clone DVD2 goes through fine for everything, until it gets to 19-20% burning and it stops. The log says “Writing Stopped” with the path name after it.

–begin error message-------------
Writing to video media was not successful:
D:/CloneDVDTemp/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB: read error

Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

If reading the media has failed, please clean the surface and try again.

File 1 D:/CloneDVDTemp/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB 23 W2
–end error message-------------

The first 2 times I used Memorex DVD+R 8x 4.7gb 120min discs.
The last time I used a Sony DVD-R 16x/1x 120min 4.7gb disc.

When each of these discs are ejected and I look at it, you can see where it was partially written.

I was able to copy it to one of the hard drives (the D drive).
I have verified I am using the latest version of both softwares and just can’t figure this out.
I used DVD-5 and also custom at 4700mb

Oh, this is my first burn with these programs. I have not tried another movie, I would rather not destroy anymore than 3 discs if I don’t have to.

Does anyone have any idea or even better a solution?

Thanks in advance…all help is greatly appreciated.

What you see is a read error, not a write error. It looks like CloneDVD was unable to read the temporary files from your harddisk. This is very weird. Check cables to your harddrive. Check drivers. Maybe your harddisk is just fading away…? If you don’t have a backup, now is the time to make one.

Cables are fine. Not sure which drivers to pursue further, all of them appear to be up to date. And the hard drives are relatively new…plus they don’t give any problems or signs of crapping out.

It is writing the temp files to the D drive and not the C drive…is that an issue that I’m not aware of? I know some software doesn’t like using anything other than the C drive.

Drivers related to your harddisk (Busmaster IDE, SATA, RAID, … whatever drive/partition “D” is).

No, the name of the partition isn’t causing the problem.

One suggestion: If you write an .ISO file instead of burning, you should see the same error. So you can experiment to find the cause of the problem without destroying media.


First buy some blank re-writable DVDs then buy or borrow an external hard drive. Write the movie vob files to the new hard drive and try making a copy.
If this works you should buy a new internal hard drive for your pc(It may crash soon)
Hope this helps!!

Try ripping the movie to an ISO image file and then burning with ImgBurn. You might get better error messages this way.

I never rip & burn in the same process as any failure can result in a wasted DVD.

Savannahdreams -

Expanding on Tru’s comments concerning the possibility of CloneDVD unable to read the temporary files from your Hard Drive(s) ->

Suggest performing a hard disk defragmentation (Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/ Disk Defragmenter).

Have you ensured that all unnecessary background Multi Tasks are curtailed when conducting backup copying of DVDs? To check this suggest viewing the below Web Link that details how to use MSCONFIG to configure Windows Startup to load only necessary items. Quite possibility you have some invasive software program unnecessarily automatically loaded during Windows Startup that you are unaware of that could be interfering with smooth error free function of CloneDVD, which could possibly cause your CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error problem.


Means nothing, todays HD spin faster than in the past they also crap out faster than in the past because of this, the same applies to our DVD drives.

Easy inexpensive maintenance could help resolve some problems. I would start by removing junk software and any not required software, then defragment the drive , then run a darn good reg cleaner and obviously reboot. May be reinstall Clone DVD after also and anyDVD if need be.