Clone dvd split

Does clone dvd allow you to split burn.


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please don’t double post as you have asked this in the clonecd and now here and the answer is still yes.try the free trial at slysoft

thanks man

sorry to be a pain guys but i am finding it quite difficult to do this in dvd clone.

The help section isn’t too helpful.

no problem…
under the preview window you will see a pair of scissors click on it and then you will see the chapters and 2 sliders.
to slide the sliders click and hold the right slider and move it to the left until it shows 100% in the meter. that will be disc 1
then after you burn that use the back button till you see the preview screen and then move the left slider to the right where the right slider was and that will be disc 2. i admit it’s alittle confusing at first but you should get the hang of it.

Thanks a lot buddy.
Your a champion.

That works great.
I think the combination of any dvd and clone dvd 2 is the overall sturdiest.
Thanks man.

your welcome and happy burning.