Clone DVD sound problem



I have used Clone DVD a couple of times for DVD’s and worked fine then. This time, it copied the movie fine onto the hard drive, and works great.
But when I burned it onto a dvd disc, the sound for the actual movie is not there. All the sound for the previews, play movie screen, etc is there, but when the actual movie plays there is no sound.
But when I play the movie off the hard drive, it does work very well.
It does the same even if on the tv’s dvd player, or the computor dvd player.

Ideas? :bow:


Transferring to the Copy DVD forum


I tired to find that post transfer, please provide a link as I cannot find it under the copy dvd forum.



Try selecting the 3 channel audio when you burn…


Xan2k –

After reviewing your recent CloneDVD Forum posting titled “CloneDvd splitting filesCloneDVD” it is apparent that unfortunately you are not using the Elaborate Bytes/SlySoft CloneDVD2 software program but the copycat rip-off software program.

Suggest reviewing the CloneDVD Forum Announcement ->

You can obtain the CloneDVD software program at either the Elaborate Bytes ( or SlySoft ( The CloneDVD software program obtained at either Elaborate Bytes or SlySoft is exactly the same software program.

Suggest reviewing the AnyDVD/CloneDVD User Tutorial, which provides detailed information on the u Xan2k se of these two software programs ->



I went and got the trial download for CloveDVD2…what a differance!

It solved all the problems I was having, and works fantastic along with the Anydvd program.