Clone dvd runs super slow

I had clone dvd 2 and it worked great,downloaded update and purchased the newest version,when i put a dvd in with anydvd it now takes from what used to be about 35 min to make a backup to 120 min now,what is going on?

Did you drive(s) drop out of DMA mode into PIO mode?

That’s a good point…check this thread about checking/enabling DMA.

Both drives are in DMA mode and working properly,if i use clone it take 2 hours to make a backup,but with dvd shrink 35 min.clone worked great untill I purchsed it,now it sucks.

Bransonwoodman -

To avoid any confusion state the Name and Version Number of the DVD Copying and DVD Decryption software program(s) you are using.

Also provide the MID of the blank DVD Media and Name/Model Number/Firmware Version of your DVD Burner that you are using. Suggest viewing the below CD Freaks Forum posting (

Also view the below CD Freaks From Posting (


Am using anydvd and clonedvd, burner is a lifes good,CSA=H10L, 16 x internaal super multi DVD/CD rewriter, All worked fine with old clonedvd2 when i upgraded it said i need to purchase it,it had expired,so i purchased it and now it runs to slow,I also have 1click and svsdshrink wich still works great,omly clonedvd2 is not workin at all, wish they had online support VIA phone,this sucks after paying $54 for a program that doesnt work right, 120 min is alittle long to back up a dvd,when it took only 35 to 40 min before,guess i may have to uninstall it again and reinstall it,then if that doesnt work delete it for good and kiss $54 goodbye.

This is really strange,if I log onto my wifes name clone dvd2 works perfect,but when i log onto my name it take 3 times longer to run a backup,and the writing of files below is in blue on wifes name and in black on mine,windows xp,

Bransonwoodman -

Did you view the referenced CD Freaks Forum posting ( concerning “disabling animation option” in CloneDVD?

Suggest viewing the below CD Freaks posting which provides information that might be helpful in resolving your problem.

Also you forgot to provide the requested information concerning the blank DVD Media MID information and the Firmware Version of your DVD Burner. If you are unaware of how to obtain this information one of the referenced links in my initial posting provide information on how to obtain this information.

You are looking in the wrong direction if you believe your problem is caused by the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software programs. These programs have a long history of stable error free performance. You have some as yet undetermined problem inferring with the proper functioning of AnyDVD-CloneDVD.


I think you have to be an admin in order to install?

I am adim, got it working finally after 3 hours.the third time i went back to the web site and redownloaded the program,then reinstalled it after cleaning out the registry,this time it works fine,must have gotten a corrupt downoad the first time,thanks

blue… in explorer? Maybe you have enabled compression/encryption for the folder where your wife stores her files. This would explain the loss of performance.

This seems strange. The same thing happened to me. I have used CloneDVD for a long time and after I downloaded 2901 I have the same problem. The reading portion takes anywhere from 2 to 4 times longer than it did before the update. I updated to 2901 the same way that I have updated the past 15+ updates. I guess I’ll try to reinstall and see if that works.