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Hi Everybody…I originally posted in the newbies forum, but had no luck there, so here I am with the big boys! I am currently trialing Clonedvd. The only problem I have with Clone DVD is that it does not want to write over previously written rewritable DVD’s, although I have selected this option in the settings. I know you guys want details of what I am copying, and what my system comprises of, but I feel this is irrelevant, as all other copy programs are able to do this, on exactly the same computer, burner and media. But here it is. Media. TDK rewritable DVD-r Computer. Dell Optiplex P2 400 mhz Burner. LG GSA-4163B . Software. Slysoft Any dvd decrypter and DVD Cloner…latest versions from their website. Any assistance would be apprecitated.

have you erased the disc first ?

NO…Other copy programs automatically do it, so I just assumed that Clonedvd did as well. What is the easiest way to erase?

you can download cd/dvd speed (it’s free) and use that

it’s in Extras > erase disc

Thanks for your help. I find it kind of strange that the option in the program is “overwrite rewritable media”. Would you not think that means what it says? This is what confused me.

not sure as i don’t use RW media that much, i’m not sure if this is going to help you but its a start in the right direction.

what RW media are you using anyway?

TDK-R The reason I use rewritables is that I can get a 8 dvd’s cheaply for hire for one week. But I cannot watch all in a week, and do not want to be forced into it to get my “moneys worth”. So I copy some of them onto rewritable dvds, that way I can watch at my leisure. Most movies are in my opinion not worth watching more than once, and therefore not worth the cost of a good quality disc that is in effect wasted if copied onto. If I happen to get a movie that I do like and decide I do want to keep, then it is only a matter of copying the rewritable onto a permanent disc. I also use TDK -R as permanent blank media. Had good results with TDK.

Tolemac -

Perchance are you saying that you are RENTING these Commercial DVD Movies for one week and then making duplicate copies of the one you haven’t viewed?

Suggest that you closely review the CloneDVD Form Read First posting titled “Copying rented DVDs is illegal - such discussions are not allowed!” (


That is correct…thanks for clarifying this. I only copy those that I have not viewed in the time frame I have them for, and then only onto rewritable media, which is eventually erased.

Tolemac -

Unfortunately what you are doing is against Forum Rules and also Illegal.

Forum Members will be unable to assistance you with your problem.


tolemac, what happens when you start to burn the RW and you have CloneDVD2 set to automatically erase? Mine always erases, then starts burning, with no interaction from me.

The error message is exactly as per this posting I have set it to “overwrite rewritable media”…is there another setting to automatically erase?

that says source data too large, which doesn’t have anything to do with erasing. Which version of CloneDVD2 are you using?

Sorry Tolemac I guess you have not read the forum rules about copying rented DVDs. Do not start this post again. I suggest you read the forum rules before posting again.:cop: This thread is closed.