Clone DVD / Rewritable Media

Hi Everybody. I have been using 1Click Dvd Copy for about a year, and have used DVD Shrink as well. The latest versions of 1Click have been unstable and in my opinion worse than older versions. I have downloaded and tried many different programs. The best I have found so far is Clone DVD. It seems to work very well, and it also is does not hog my CPU like 1click. (I am using a P2, but about to change to a P4 shortly, so this is a good platform to test for CPU hogging!). The only problem I have with Clone DVD is that it does not want to write over previously written rewritable DVD’s, although I have selected this option in the settings. I know you guys want details of what I am copying, and what my system comprises of, but I feel this is irrelevant, as all other copy programs are able to do this, on exactly the same computer, burner and media. But here it is. Media. TDK rewritable DVD-r Computer. Dell Optiplex P2 400 mhz Burner. LG GSA-4163B . Software. Slysoft Any dvd decrypter and DVD Cloner…latest versions from their website. Any assistance would be apprecitated. Thanks.

What is unstable about the latest versions of 1ClicktoDVD, I assume you are talking about the software by LG Software. I have used this software since its inception and have found it to be extemely stable and and at last check when using it it was not a system hog at all, unless you are using a computer with little RAM. Please tell us your problems and maybe we can help you. Not many programs nowadays are going to run at peak with a P2 processor.

The early version of 1Click, yes LG software, version 4.2 or somewhere about there worked like a charm…perfect as you described. I have 256mb of RAM. Version 5 turned out many dud copies…only to be found to be duds when attempting to play them…no “failed burn” notice. Now I should point out here that I had version 5 also on a pentium 4 with 500mb of RAM. This computer has gone back to where it came from…it had problems. I have just trialed 1click pro, on this P2, and it turned out 3 good copies, but it took a long time to perform the operation. The thing that impressed me about Clone DVD is that it does not take 100% of the CPU like 1click does. Of course this would not be an issue on a better computer, which I am expecting next courier delivery. I just don’t want to end up paying what is a premium for 1click if it is going to turn out coasters; the trial period is just not generous enough. Clone DVD is not quite as user friendly, but like dvd shrink, it is just a learning curve that can be easily accomplished; it is only the matter of it not writing over the rewritable media that would prevent me from purchasing it. Clone DVD is also better value for money, as they give “lifetime” updates, whereas 1click does not. BUT as yet I have to get a response from my enquiry to Slysoft. At least the team at 1Click respond promptly to email enquiry.

Something is wrong with your configuration because 1ClickV5 only use 27% of of my CPU resourses and that is high. I use a AMD 64X2 3800.

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