Clone dvd resetting my pc!

hi there!
i got a new pc 7 days ago and all was alright untill i installed clonedvd2 and anydvd
now what happens is so strange
i can watch a dvd using my lite-on 851s but when i run clonedvd and anydvd to make a backup of my dvd the program starts and clone says reading disc and the bar goes along happily untill about 15 mins when then pc resets!!!
this happens every time using clone!!!
any ideas please
pc is p4 3.2ghz
160gb hd
512mb ram
windows xp home
by the way i have checked power settings etc
many thanks :confused:

does your system become too hot while transcoding the movie?

my gf had the same error on her laptop - was an incompatibility of andydvd with her sony-dvd-burner… a newer anydvd version fixed this…

thanks for the quick reply!!
anydvd runs all the time so surely this would also stop me watching a dvd also?
why does clone dvd2 run hapily for 15mins???

anydvd runs all the time so surely this would also stop me watching a dvd also?

oh no, on my gf’s laptop it was only causing errors when ripping dvd’s… playing worked great…

i repeat:

does your system become too hot while transcoding the movie?

especially your cpu…

or, 3rd:
is the dvd scratched and maybe causes situations that your system can’t handle?!? (normally cause a bluescreen, but if you didn’t change the windows-settings the system restarts automatically…)

thanks for the quick reply razor!!
please can you tell me how i would find out if my cpu was getting too hot?
if this was the case is this a fault with my pc (i thought it was powerfull enough p4 3.2ghz)as it is brand new and only has xp and a few programs installed on the hd(160gb)
thanks for all your help
p.s how do change the windows setting to display blue screen error

Just a thought, make sure you have no screensavers enabled (total waste), disable hibernate,
to do this go into control panel-power options-hibernate tab, uncheck the hibernate box if checked. Also while in the power options I would make sure under Power Schemes that the “Turn Off Hard Disks” is set to never, and “System Standby” is set to never.

Another easy way to check if there are no conflicts with other software is:
go to start-run- type in “msconfig”(no quotation marks), click on startup tab, then check on disable all, reboot and try to burn again, if it works then you have a conflict with other software. To find out which one you will have to check one box at a time and reboot and see if the problems reappears.

BTW I have a shortcut on my desktop for msconfig, every time I burn I always disable all startup items, when finished I just enable all once again. To simplify things I have deleted all startup items from the registry that are not essential, makes it easy, I just either enable all, or disable all, with one click and I don’t need to weed through it to start only what I need. Many programs add their footprint in the registry to run on startup, waste of resources, I just delete the entries.

Just a brief follow up, the reason I suggested the “Turn Off Hard Disks” is because of your statement of this happening after 15 minutes, and that it’s a new computer.
If memory serves me well I believe 15 minutes is the default time windows sets, and it always enables this on a fresh install.