Clone DVD Quality Control issues?

I’m certainly not saying that the program is POS but at least from these it seems like I get better scans using the DVD Shrink/DVD Decrypter combo than the AnyDVD/Clone DVD combo. Anyways, take this for what it is worth, 6746MB:

Burned with Pioneer 111D with V1.23 firmware,
Burned at 8x on the 2.4x MKM001 D/L Verbatim DVD+R
Using AnyDVD 6.0.5 and Clone DVD 2.9

Same burner and configuration but Using DVD Decrypter V3.5.4 to rip and write in ISO mode, 7584MB

Same burner/firmware revision using 8x Value Line Taiyo Yuden TYG02 DVD-R burned at 12x, 4464MB. Using same version of AnyDVD/Clone DVD combo. Worst TY scan I have EVER seen, to be fair though I believe the disc was factory defective:

Exact same movie with same configuration and media using DVD Shrink V3.2 and DVD Decrypter V3.5.4 combo

@ Jesterrace,

SlySoft (James) through various AnyDVD-CloneDVD postings comments has stated that the SlySoft/Elaborates Bytes software burn engine is a little different than the Nero and other burning engines and as such SlySoft/Elaborates Bytes software is more dependant on querying/probing of DVD Burner Firmware coding for its particular burning engine.

I notice that you are burning with Pioneer 111D v1.23 firmware. There is a newer Pioneer 111D v1.29 firmware available and as in most DVD Burner Firmware updates Pioneer states that media writability was improved. I don’t know if the newer version 1.29 Firmware would improve the burning results of CloneDVD burns but noting SlySoft (James) pervious comments concerning DVD Burner Firmware –CloneDVD burning engine dependency there night be an improvement.

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Interesting. Good to know as I have been having all sorts of freeze+burn issues with Clone DVD and DL discs. I know it is connected with the program in some way shape or form because when I reburned them using DVD Decrypter they worked just fine.

I too had lot of issues with Dl disks
visually visible as drop outs and pixel errors
this was quite pronounced with clondvd+AD
however since using cloneCD + AD I have’t had any problems

Funny, as both CloneCD & CloneDVD use exactly the same burning engine (WriteDVD.dll).