Clone DVD Problem



Hi There,

I solved the problem by installing a new DVD Rom drive. It´s definitly a compatibility problem with the DVD drive. I did reinstall the whole system before and the same problem was still there. Don´t do it!
I think it is by far the cheapest to buy a new dvd rom for ripping. In Germany they go for about 40€. I had a TEAC DV 516E-A before which had the problem. And I think I read somewhere that it actually is a Pioneer or vice versa (OEM stuff). Now I have a Liteon 165 H and it works fine.
MAybe the new updates of Any DVD might solve the problem too?



No if it was a Panasonic your basically screwed :slight_smile: stick with the JLMS. should be no trouble with Pioneers though.


Sorry, Mad Bob, I’m new to this but what’s the problem here with using a Pioneer? Having both a Pioneer DVD-Rom s-106 and a DVD-RW 105 you got me interested with this reply.

Belay that, probably I wasn’t awake completely when I read Pioneer instead of Panasonic. :wink:



As a very happy user of CloneCD for a few Years, I decided to download the Eval. versions of both AnyDVD and CloneDVD,

Both bits of Software work Great, and will end Up buying them. although I have a life time free Upgrades to another superb piece of software.

Now to my Problem I use as my dvd reader, my Pioneer 120s DVD Rom, and when ever I get to around 45% I get a block error,
If I use the 120s and just drag all the files to a folder there is no Problem.

I also have a pioneer A06 I use that as a reader, with no problems at all, excepting its so slow, about twice as slow

Burning no problem at all using verbatim DVD+R or RW

I know anydvd has a problem with certain drives, but was disappointed the Pioneer 120s being one of them, Unless you wise ones know different :slight_smile:

P4 2.8
512 Mem
WindowsXP Pro +SP1
MSI 875P Neo Mobo.
Pioneer 120s DVD-R
Pioneer A06 dual DVDVR.
liteon 522452s
Maxtor 120gig ATA H/D

if any of that info helps?