Clone dvd problem

hi, i just got clone dvd and no matter what folder i choose for the work space folder when i try to back up ANY dvd it just comes up saying there isnt enough space in the work space folder, this isnt true, i have 2 hard drives with over 80gb space on both

any ideas?


ok, i got that problem solved, but now it gets to 93% when writing the iso and then it just stops, this is my becnhwarmers dvd and aldo dvd shrink wouldnt recognise it, dvd decryptor got to about 3% then had read errors, the disc has a few scratches on it but plays perfectly fine so i should be able to back it up ok

can anybody help with this one


Which version of CloneDVD are you using?

This forum provides support for the [B]original[/B] CloneDVD2 from Slysoft/Elaborate Bytes.

The latest available version is

There are other pretenders in existence, but they are not supported here.

Try for support of any product that bears a similar name.

This forum is for the Elborate Bytes/SlySoft product and is not likely to be supported here. The program you purchased is a knock-off.

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I believe reviewing the below CD Freaks CloneDVD Forum Announcement will prove to be helpful to you ->


This forum does not support It only supports programs from Elaborate Bytes and Slysoft. Sorry.:sad: