Clone dvd problem!

I have clone dvd2 and i have used it for over 6 months or more to backup movies…lately it does not work right. It copies and say it’s writing but when i try and play the backedup movie that it just finished…it is blank nothing on it…but if i try to re-write on the same dvd it say there is something on it I use hp dvd +r and have always used it. i have the liteon 401s@411s has been at 411s for about 4 months now. i have windows xp!

You should take a look at this thread:

my firmware is up to date and i have been using this media before this happened.

That may be your burner, 95neongirl. I have a Lite-On 851s, and for some reason one day it started burning blank cd’s. I have seen several messages about Lite-On’s not being able to burn either dvd’s or cd’s, but not both, after people have had the drive for a while.