Clone DVD - playing problems

OK, still new at this…

Downloaded trial versions of AnyDvd ( and CloneDvd ( today. Backup worked flawlessly, however I cannot play them (Wedding Crashers uncorked, Garden State) on my HT Panasonic Dvd player but can play them fine on my PC.

I had previously had the same problem when I first got my NEC 3550A, until I upgraded my firmware using this sites suggested updates. Frimware is set to booktype DVD+R. After that, using Nero burning Rom 6 and 1ClickDvdCopyPro (trial version), I had no problems. Made about 6 backups with no issues. Media was, and still is, Sony DVD+R SL 4.7 8x.

Is there a CloneDvd setting that I may be missing? To allow my backups to be played on a home DVD player?

I was however able to use the unplayable (on my HT) backups and copy it using Nero, and it played fine.

Using CloneDvd, I tried only main title, main with menus, max speed, 16x, 8x…making about a half dozen coasters.

Any thoughts?


Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum. I’ve started a new thread in the CloneDvd forum.