Clone dvd playability issue (Optiarc AD-5170A)

[qanda]This thread is about the Optiarc AD-5170A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Ok i’m not great with computer jargon so please be gentle, i’m also a newbie so appologies if i’ve posted in the wrong area.

I’ve been backing up my dvds for years (using dvd decrypter to rip & clone dvd to burn) and never experienced any problems until i bought my new computer.

Stage 1 - I managed to rip a dvd to my computer and burn it to disc, this played ok on my crown dvd player but kept freezing on the menu when played on my g/f’s hitachi dvd player. I then re-burnt the dvd files on my g/f’s laptop and the movie played fine on both dvd players.

Stage 2 - I downloaded a movie (not copyrighted) in video_ts format to my computer, burnt it using clone dvd and got the message ‘disc may not be playable on this player’ when trying to watch it on the hitachi player, i put the disc in my computer and all the files were named in chinese.
Once again i moved the video_ts files to my g/f’s laptop, burnt using clone dvd and the movie is perfectly watchable on the hitachi player.

*i realised my computers disk drive was set to the wrong region, which explains the chinese files.

Stage 3 - So after changing my disk drive to the correct region i hoped my problem would have gone away, but it didnt. Now when i burn a disk it plays perfectly on my computer but not the hitachi dvd player. I know your thinking this might be down to the type of writable media i’m using, but i ruled that out due to the fact that when burning to the same type of disk using my g/f’s laptop the disk is perfectly playable on any device.

If anyone has got any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated, i’ve searched the internet for solutions and had no luck so far, many thanks, James.

We need some more specs. Is the hitachi a standalone player>? How old is your hitachi unit? So are you using the Optiac to burn to the media. Did you test just using a regular store bought dvd movie to play on the hitachi unit to see what is does?? It sounds like your hitachi is picky or on its last leg of going out.