Clone DVD - only audio files

All of a sudden - still on the trial, actually, I noticed all CloneDVD sees are ac audio files - I noticed this after realizing the commpression % was 100! What could have gone wrong?

Update - did a test by ripping DVD files, and it is ripping the DVD - it’s as if the compression meter is out of whack, …

You need to add more about what you are doing. When I rip a DL disc I get it all. When I use Clone, it sees them all. I can choose what to select and de-select before I burn. There is nothing in the software that will do what you are saying without your selection.

Yikes! Sorry to waste your time. By chance, every DVD I’ve tried happens to be like 4.2 GB - hence the 100%. Sorry!

If you are burning to a DL disc you should never see any compression. I would guess you had CLone set to an SL disc before and somehow it is now set to burn to a DL disc. I cannot recall the exact page where the disc size is set, but it is a very small box at the bottom of one of the right side pages.

No problem. Easy mistake to make.

Especially if you just know enough to be dangerous - like me :slight_smile: