Clone dvd not so easy



hi all can someone help me with this problem. purchased clone dvd 10 days ago–and went out and bought a new io magic dvd +rw + r dual formay 8x dvd rewritable drive and when i record a movie all i get is f b i warnings and when the movie starts it is scrambled am i doing something wrong or is clone dvd not decoding for me :confused: :bow: thank you


you will need a descrambling tool as well, for any protected dvd. Clonedvd cannot do this for legal reasons, but a great tool, is anydvd.

Search around the forums for all the information you will ever need.


You can download ANYDVD from here


Thank You Very Much For The Replies. Will Try To Download Anydvd In A While.what Do You Think Of My Dvd Writer?


Might be a rebadged BTC drive have a look here


Are you using the Elabrobyte’s CloneDVD? If you’re not already using AnyDVD then it will not let you burn. It will display a message saying the disc is copy protected.

Do you have any troubles playing normal DVD’s? Just wondering if Macrovision is interfering…


You can also use DVD Decrypter(free tool) to remove the protection from your movies before using CloneDVD. You will need to copy the movie to your harddrive first. It doesn’t decrypt on the fly like AnyDVD.