Clone DVD Mobile: What do the bitrates sliders mean

I encoded the same DVD with two different programs.

Question: If I selected 1022 kb/sec, what does that refer to? How do I do the match to figure it out to what my resulting data rate is?

From right-clicking and getting details on the finished files:
• Roxio EMC 8 DivX creator: Set to 1 gig, 2 pass, MP3 encoding.
•Clone DVD Mobile: Set to 1.09 gig, deinterlaced, quality of 1022kb/sec.

                   Roxio EMC 8     CloneDVD_Mobile
Width              720 pixels      720 pixels
Height             400 pixels	   404 pixels
--------- Audio ------------------------------------
Duration           2:01:35         2:01:35
Bit Rate           160 kb/sec      128 kb/sec
Audio              MPEG Layer 3    MPEG Layer 3
--------- Video ------------------------------------
Frame Rate          29 frame/sec    29 frame/sec
Data Rate	   128 kb/sec      142 kb/sec
Video Sample Size   24 bit          24 bit
Video Compression  DivX Codec      DivX Codec
--------- Size info --------------------------------
Size set           1 gig           1.09 gig
Size actual        918 meg         980 meg
     in bytes:     963,071,286     1,060,987,430

Time to complete:
• Roxio About 3 hours; didn’t notice when it finished. But I had ‘background’ processing turned on, which meant my computer wasn’t slowed down at all for normal use.
• CloneDVD mobile: 40 minutes (can only run in ‘normal’ mode) But my computer was sluggish while running.

It appears both of them encoded fine. When I watch the movies, I can’t see any differences in them.