Clone DVD Mobile Video Settings

Just a quick question regarding DVD Mobile Video settings and iPod…

In the past the Video Settings for the iPod slide bar had a range of 13-33, with default of 23. Normally I would set to 25 or 26 and the output was fine.

In recent versions, it seems like the slide bar video settings is now 1-100 with a default of 23.

So my question is…under the new 1-100 video settings, is 23 the same as 23 was before - or should it be set more towards 80? I know the higher the setting, the larger the file size. I’m just trying to figure out what the best setting is compared to what I was using before.

Thanks in advance for the help!

When using CloneDVD Mobile myself, I tend not to think “what’s the quality I’m looking for”, more, “how much space do I want to give this on my Vision:W” if you catch my meaning. As for answering your actual question, I have no idea, I’m new to the software myself. Only started using it last week.

I agree - it’s more about the quality. Under the old software 25 or 26 was acceptable to me (it was actually very good) - that’s why I’m trying to figure out what the new ratio is. I think the old settings used to be based on Frames Per Second, but under the new 1-100, I’m wondering if it’s more percentage based and 80 (%) is equivalent to what I was using before. I supposed I could try ripping at different settings and watching - I was just hoping someone had a quick answer and would save me some time :slight_smile:

Do you have any of the old files you made & the source DVD they came from? Whack the DVD back in the drive and fiddle until you match the file sizes. Might be a time intensive process though.

Perhaps one of the Slysoft guru’s can help?


yes, in short: the value of 23 (or whatever value you choose) still represents the same quality as it used to.

Now the video bitrate is the limiting factor for many devices (iPod: 2,5Mbit MPEG4).
Earlier versions of CloneDVD mobile did not “know” the max kbps value, so the quality-range was chosen so that independently of the resolution setting, it would never exceed the device’s max allowed bitrate.

Recent versions of CloneDVD mobile take the actual max. bitrate into account and offer a suitable quality range depending on selected resolution and whether or not the material is to be deinterlaced (also depends on some other factors, like NTSC/PAL).

You can get the picture, if you simple change these options. Select 640x480 and deinterlace and CloneDVD mobile will offer a quality range up to a value of 27 (2430 kbps).

Select 320x240 an no deinterlace, then you’ll be allowed to select a quality factor up to 138 (2484 kbps)!

In both cases, the iPods max. allowed kbps value of 2,5Mbit will be respected.

I hope that explains this whole quality-related stuff a little, I know it’s a bit of a brain-twister :slight_smile:

BTW: note that 320x240 with quality 138 will usually not really result in a video with 2,5Mbit. This also would be nonsense, because this would represent a far better quality than the source DVD has to offer.

Thank you Peer! :bow: