Clone DVD Mobile - Problems transferring to Archos 700

Hello Geniuses…first post so please bear with me. Im not a very techy person…im old you see. Anyone know what i am doing wrong?

I have been using Clone DVD Mobile to transfer my films onto my Archos 700 and though i am getting a perfect quality film transferred. I am not getting the whole film transferred…this is more puzzling as the whole film is transferred on my computer and can be viewed in its entirety using real player

if anyone has any advice on how to get the whole film onto the Archos… it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue with the Archos 700 not playing the entire movie. Up until now, I was transferring TV episodes and had no problem - - good quality, all there. After seeing your note and a couple of references to the problem at Ask Dave Taylor, I tried converting The Bourne Identity with CloneDVDMobile. CloneDVDMobile reported that the movie is 1 hr 58 mins and it created a file size of 1,308,905,472 bytes if you click on properties of the .avi file. I then moved it to the Archos 700 as a USB drive (drag and drop). On the Archos, if you select the .avi file and use lower right control to get file information, it indicates the file is 1248 MB (which I think translates to the byte count above) and has a duration of 1 hrs 58 minutes. Yet when I play it on the Archos, it only goes to 1 hr 37 minutes and then ends. Played the same .avi file in Nero and it plays the whole thing.

I am suspicious this is an Archos problem and not a CloneDVDMobile problem. If I do the math of time played divided by expected time (1 hr 37 divided by 1 hr 58 mins), I get 82%. if I take 82% of the total file size, I land almost right on the 1 Gigabyte boundary. I will rip another movie tonight to see if the same thing happens - - you might try this as well. If it does, then maybe then maybe the Archos 700 has an undocumented problem. I know from trying to use the videorecorder function, it has an inherent 2GB problem (due to the FAT32 file structure) and it automatically starts a second file and so on.

AskDaveTaylor reference:

Any other places to go for an answer?

I know this is an Archos 700 thread but just wanted to say that this is happening on my Cowon A2. I transfer using the generic DIVX setting and I have transferred using the Archos700 setting. Both ways it ends between 1:15 and 1:20. I think it is a CloneDVD Mobile problem.