Clone dvd Message box: 'failed to copy'

Hello. newbie here!

I encountered a message box from Clone dvd when i tried to transfer the files from dvd decrypter to Clone dvd. I’ve written several discs this way with no problem until this popped up:

“Failed to copy the DVD-Video, please clean the source disc or close some other program.”

I’ve cleaned the source (original) dvd even though it was in mint shape and tried again but it still came up. A couple other dvd’s have triggered this message box as well. But other dvd’s let me write just fine.

The movies this happened to are Starsky and Hutch, Matrix 2 and the Exorcist.

Does anyone know what this could mean?


Yes, these movies have additional copy protection that DVD Decrypter cannot cope with. Use AnyDVD instead.

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunatly my free trial period has expired. Deleting and re-downloading the program isn’t working for some reason.

Are there any others that may work with these movies?

Best movies copy program is Dvd95Copy. I’ts quite cheap, weekly updatable (they send it to you e-mail updates), and you don’t need to know about protection. Just put dvd movies and press ‘copy’ button.

You can try recodifying dvd, spliting, merging, movie only, or 1:1 copy. And it’s quite fast, also!

If you want to try it, download a demo (copies only 30 minutes) but you’ll be able to check how lovely it works. :bigsmile:

thanks for the suggestion.

I was actually able to burn the files with nero instead. Worked great!

Then it had no copy protection…