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Hello all…

Have been using clone dvd and anydvd for ages with no problems. Have started using it for DL burns and ‘sometimes’ the layer break hangs.

I am going to try another program to burn the DL but would like to know if clonedvd puts in the layer break (where ever it wants to :a ) during the RIP /read process or when it BURNS? I’d like to keep using clone dvd to read the disk but then just burn it using DVD Decrypter.

DL is a bit expensive to experiment so I thought you may know the best way to do it. (Oh… I have never used dvd decrypter before so its new to me but it does get a mention in other parts of the forum as being the best)

Thanks for your thoughts.


no clonedvd does not save the layerbreak. it is set automatic. now clonecd does put the layerbreak in it’s original space.


@ Seven of Nine,

Perchance have you ensured that your DVD Burner has the latest current Firmware installed? It is quite possible that your DVD Burner Firmware does not contain the latest burning strategy for your DL DVD Media, which could possible cause layer break difficulties.

Below is a PC World article that addresses the importance of using the latest current DVD Burner Firmware.

Also have you ensured that you are using high quality DL DVD Media? In many circles Verbatim DL DVD Media is considered top of the line quality DL DVD Media.

To ensure that you are using top of the line quality DL DVD Media provide the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) (Example: TYG02) of your DL DVD Media. To obtain the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) (Example: TYG02) of your DVD Media use a software utility program similar to DVD Identifier ( or DVDInfo (

Also perchance are you aware of the excellent ImgBurn ( program developed by LIGHTNING UK! who developed the original DVD Decrypter?

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oh plus when using dvd -r dl media does not retain the original layerbreak and dvd+r dl does retain it.


Thanks guys.

A bit slack of me not giving you all the info.!
I only use verbatim DVD DL’s + with my LG 4163 DVD burner. I have tried alchoho 120 which seemed to go okay but I do prefer Clone DVD as its what I’m used to but the layer break is a problem!..

Other threads seem to suggest that Clone DVD puts the layer break in at the end of a chapter [I]closest to the original layer break [/I] but they don’t say whether it does that when it is [I]reading[/I] or when it is [I]burning[/I]. ??

That is the question.?

I still haven’t tried Deccrypter yet… I am going to try it on DVD Dinotopia which I have just bought for the kids so I’ll let you know how it goes.!!


@ Seven of Nine,

You have established that you are using Verbatim DVD DL+, which is excellent DL DVD Media.

Perchance have you reviewed the PC World article that addresses the importance of using the latest current DVD Burner Firmware?

Either one of the software utility program mentioned in my original posting #3 will reveal the current version of Firmware installed in your LG GSA 4163 DVD Burner.

You have established that you have a LG GSA 4163 DVD Burner but fail to make any comment on the version number of the Firmware. The latest most current up to date Firmware for the LG GSA 4163 DVD Burner is version number A106 that is available for downloading at

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Thanks bjkg

I’ve got V A106.

The question remains;

[I]when does Clone DVD put in the layer break[/I]…??? :stuck_out_tongue: (I already know it doesn’t put it in the original spot)

I just wish Ollie would hurry up and fix it. !


Believe Me Everybody wishes that, but we have to be patient, not even the guy from DVDFab updated his to take care of the layer break, that’s basically the only reason I use DVDFab, but if CloneDVD did take of Dual Layer Problem, I would use CloneDVD cause it’s more stable than DVDFab


they do it’s called clonecd…when they added the layerbreak in the anydvd information to put in the layerbreak for +r dl media in clonecd. as - r dl can’t use that info as it is set automatically no matter what program you use.


yeah but what about CloneDVD, what if some people just want the main movie only and burn it into Dual Layer?


kind of a waste of a dl for a 1hr 30min movie. you can split it on 2 dvds. alot cheaper


Clone[B]DVD[/B] is a transcoder that rips and burns [B][I]in file mode[/I][/B] and will not and cannot (for all practical purposes) be [I]“updated”[/I] to keep the original’s layer break. [I]That is what Slysoft/Elby’s Clone[B]CD[/B] is for[/I]. It rips and burns [B][I]in ISO mode[/I][/B]. It will rip one large ISO file from the original, which is 4.38GB-8.5GB +/- in size, and which maintains the original’s layer break. ISO mode is a mirror of the original. File mode is just all the files contained on the DVD original so you can compress or split them.

So to answer Seven of Nine’s question: of course CloneDVD’s (or any backup software’s) choice of or duplication of the positioning of the layer break happens during the ripping to HDD stage … burning is only an execution of the method used to “read” as you call it.

ElBoricua433’s wish for ripping the movie only and having the originals layer break stay intact for a DL burn is wrongthink. You can’t remove anything from from the original and still keep the original layer break (without re-authoring software). The technique of ripping and burning to DL disks in ISO mode is meant for a 1:1 backup of the original (CloneCD). One only needs to remove titles etc in order to transcode (compress or split) to a single layer backup media (CloneDVD).

So if you are making a backup onto DL media, rip and burn with the correct program meant for that pupose. If you don’t want to watch the extras … then don’t … but you need to keep all Titles, extras and audio/sub tracks etc to get to get a mirror 1:1 backup which maintains the original layer break.

To the best of my knowlege, the info I’ve provided is correct albiet in layman’s terms.



clonedvd will rip and burn a iso image. it just doesn’t save the layerbreak.


Everyone who knows me on cdf knows that I love CloneDVD. But this has always bothered me. While it’s true that “ISO Image” is what it says on the button and in CloneDVD’s manual but i submit that it is not a true ISO “image”, but rather just a very large file that contains all the DVD files. But as far as mirroring the original, something has been altered. Perhaps this is an allowable use of the word “ISO Image”, but people who backup dual layer [I]assume[/I] that the word image is synonymous with the word [I]“mirror”[/I] meaning an exact 1:1 mirror of the original that doesn’t throw away the the original layer break in favor of it’s own.

If you [I]did[/I] create a real ISO Image or [I]mirror[/I] of the original, then the layer break would be preserved. Like with CloneCD or DVD-D/ImgBurn. Since CloneDVD is a trancoder, it just doesn’t do that by design. It is my understanding that a transcoder is the wrong software choice for making true 1:1 DL backups.

But CloneDVD does a very good job, nowadays, of creating a working layer break even though it is not the original layer break. So, I’d like to add that new posts by people using CloneDVD to make DL backups ([I]with Vebatim +R DL media that has been booktyped[/I]) and having freezups at the break point is a surprise to me! I had relegated these problem posts to the past since even some testy, rude (in the past) users have reported having good player results now from CloneDVD’s “automatic” layer break point.

Someone refine my opinion or phraseology if you would care to.



i agree with you 100% on the iso is a [I]mirror[/I] of the original. as i have wondered about that myself as to why they call it iso/udf image. i think slysoft and or elby don’t want to make clonedvd a true iso image ripper/burner as they have one already in clonecd. as i wasn’t trying to say you were wrong or being rude i just don’t like typing a long post. :slight_smile: and i do know that you are one smart cookie as i am one small crumb…lol


No, no, not at all … no conflict infered from your posting but thanks for the smart comment :doh:, I’ll tell my mom she was wrong about me. But the above are just my suppositions based on four years of amature backing up. I am not a software or audio/video engineer. I make only laymen, user assumptions.

One of my points is that when posters, like you and others say

… i think slysoft and or elby [B]don’t want to[/B] make clonedvd a true iso image ripper/burner as they have one already in clonecd …
That the real answer is that transcoder softwares [B]can’t and don’t do[/B] this by the very nature of their design functionality.

To illustrate the meaning of what I’m saying: if a new release of CloneDVD was to appear and was promoted as being able to preserve the original layer break, the real story would probably be that Elby had incorporated CloneCD into CloneDVD with a user toggle “choice” button to shut down CloneDVD and load CloneCD. One is a transcoder the other is not. One preserves the layer break, the other does not. But Elby probably won’t do this because the whole package would become too large and bloated in size and also because by keeping them separate entities, they get our gladly given money for two packages. But a year ago, when DL burning took off, I had wrongly predicted to a friend that Elby would simply include, in the CloneDVD package, two different interfaces: one for compression/splitting and another for true ISO image DL burning. I’m fine with the way they have done it.



@ whisperer1
i think it doesn’t do a true iso image is that back then when clonedvd came out there wasn’t a + r dl out yet or even - r dl for that matter. they already had clonecd out wayback when and just updated it for the + r dl not to long ago with anydvd to save the layerbreak for clonecd. that’s why i use clonecd for +r dl and clonedvd for -r dl.

But Elby probably won’t do this because the whole package would become too large and bloated in size and also because by keeping them separate entities, they get our gladly given money for two packages.

i know if it was me i would have done the same.

oh isn’t clonecd a transcoder too?


No … dude, …that is my whole point. Maybe my posts are too long that their points are lost!

Transcoders CAN’T do it. It’s not that CloneDVD didn’t feel the need to do it back when because … [I]da,da,da[/I]

CloneCD is not a transcoder. So it CAN do it.



wow…didn’t mean to push your buttons the wrong way.
maybe it’s my wording didn’t come out right to my fingers…but now i understand my boss for keeping me away from the counter…lol
I meant like they could’ve made clonedvd a totally new (inerds?) as you can see i’m not a programmer…lol
and what is clonecd then?

i love this site as i’m always learning something new…:slight_smile:



There is a market for people who want to compress dual layer original movies to fit on one 4.7GB single layer backup disk. Simply speaking, this is what a transcoder is. They don’t need new “inerds” … they are [I]meant[/I] to do transcoding in [I]file mode[/I]. The “rip to ‘ISO’” button in CloneDVD (I think) is better used for people who will watch a movie on their computer from the hard drive based ISO file. Although an automatic layer break placement is incorporated for burning DL disks, it is not 1:1. 1:1 is not the function of a transcoder.

There is a market for people who do not want to compress dual layer original movies but instead want to burn, via [I]ISO mode[/I], to DL backup media to have a “mirrored” dual layer duplicate of their original DVD.