Clone DVD keeps stoping

Hey Iam new here. Just wondering if i can get some quick help.
In the last couple of days when I try to rip a movie with CloneDVD 3 about 70-90% of ripping it just stops. It no longer reads the dvd and it sits there. I didnt have this problem before with this prog. other programs work just fine. Sometimes I run AnyDVD with it. but not all the time. but either way it does the same thing. My burner is an LG40210b with the latest update. Any input would be great. Is Clone DVD 2 preffered over 3?

Hi :slight_smile:
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CloneDVD2 is in a different league. I suggest you download & give it a try.
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Different programs, different vendors…ConeDVD2 from SlySoft or Elby only way to go…