Clone DVD issues

Hello out there. This is probably going to seem like a stupid question but I am going to ask it anyway. I currently use Clone DVD version which I imagine is an older version. Several Columbia Pictures made movies do not burn to a blank DVD. I get an error message like invalid start block code or something like that. This happened on The Grudge and The Legend of Zorro and FlightPlan. Do I simply need to upgrade to a newer version of Clone DVD? Will that take care of it?

Yes I would up grade to the latest version of anything. Try DVD Shrink and burn it with nero.

Do you think if I upgraded to Clone DVD version and AnyDVD version that those movies should burn to a blank dvd?

Yes they sould, what are your computer specifications, what media do you use, what dvd-rw do you use?

AMD 3000 mhz 512 mb ram nec dvd burner ND- 3500 ag model
xp, sony dvd +R

Try it out and tell me the results, do you know how to use DVD Shrink?

No, I havent’ used DVD Shrink, I’ve used Clone DVD exclusively, burned over 600 movies, but several of the brand new releases I have not been able to burn, I imagine because of the improved technologies of the movie companies, that’s why I was wondering if the newer version of clone dvd would crack that technology.

Here’s a guide on how to use DVD Shrink