Clone DVD image files too large for DVD copy

I am using Clone CD I want to copy the complete DVD as a backup. It reads the disk and makes image files. However, when I take the next step (to burn it onto the blank disc) it tells me the files are too large to burn onto a disc. I thought I could take the image files and open them in DVD Shrink, but Shrink does not recognize the image files.

How come they fit on the original disc, but are too big to fit on a blank one? How do I get a 7.34 GB image onto a blank DVD? Does Clone CD compress the files so they fit? I am guessing they don’t or else it would fit, right? Now what do I do?


CloneCD does not transcode DVD files. You are trying to make a 1:1 copy of a DVD, right? CloneCD “can” do this and output an image file that you would need to burn to a DUAL-layer DVD disc (9GB) and not a single layer DVD5 disc (4.7GB) since you say it is 7.34GB in size. That is what it sounds like you are doing, write more than 4.7GB (4.36) to a SL disc.

Shrink probably cannot open the files that CloneCD is writing (wrong format for that).


  • Use CloneDVD instead to transcode a large DVD down to fit on a DVD5 single-layer disc.

  • Use dual-layer DVD9 discs to write image to, providing your drive supports DL discs. No transcoding needed this way.

  • Use DVDshrink directly on the DVD title (or a 3rd party protection removal tool like AnyDVD) to remove CP if DVDshrink cannot handle the CP, and then shrink and burn to a single layer disc.

Just a little FYI, this is for clonedvd not clonecd forum. But to address your question just like goober22 said you will need a DL media disc to burn your dvd to as clonecd will only do a 1:1 copy meaning a dvd+9 will need a dvd+9 to burn to. If you want to compress the dvd as dvd+9(8.4G) to dvd+5(4.78G) clonedvd can do that for you. But remember to also if you don’t have Anydvd running in the taskbar to decrypt any protection so you can make a duplicate of your dvd for backups.