Clone dvd help

i get :D:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_4.VOB:23: read error TCSectorReader TCE
in dvd clone with anydvd all version.
the movie is last samurai.
this is produced by litttle scrach in the dvd?
anyone can help me?

Yes that’s a general read error and probably the result of scratches on the disc or smudges. Do you have another DVD-Reader you can read the DVD disc in? Some readers are better at handling scratches than other readers. From the CloneDVD FAQ:

TCE error A general TCE error means that the physical integrity of the disc is compromised - scratch, defect, smudge etc. Try cleaning it but generally it’s either a well-used rental version or a defective new purchase.

Try to clone it with DVD Shrink & see if it works - this way sometimes was a success.