Clone dvd help

Im new with clone dvd and everytime i try to burn a dvd an error pops up that says creation of dvd files was unsuccessful under that it says
scheduler O D:/video_TS/VTS_10_2.VOB:invalid file size TCE CAN ANYONE HELP ME OUT?

you should maybe provide more information.
what movie are you trying to backup?
which version of CloneDVD are you using?
what burner?
do you use AnyDVD?

In addition to razor’s questions:

if the “creation of files” is unsuccessful, then is it possible that you worded your question incorrectly?

does this actually happen during the burn process? or is it during the ripping or transcoding phases?

hitch, yes i use anydvd but this is my first time using either program i just dl it today

this is what i do put in original dvd ,choose title only,when i hit go that error pops up everytime it doesnt do anything

ok then you don’t even get to the burning stage. these little details are important. saying you get an error when burning is misleading.

on the first screen after selecting your backup mode, in the drop down menu towards the bottom of the screen, what size do you have selected?

and how much free hard drive space do you have on the drive/partition in which you’ve set your temp folders?

also you haven’t finished answering razor’s questions.

what version of clonedvd are you using and what’s the model and firmware of your burner?

version i dont know firmware but i have used shrink and decryptor for hundreds of titles in the past

where did you get your version of clonedvd?

the latest version of elby’s clonedvd (which is what is discussed on this forum) is and is available from

where did you dl yours?

also, you’re STILL not answering all of the questions. it’s frustrating to try to help when you sleectively provide information.

at teh very least what model of burner do you have? I can show you how to find the firmware in a minute.

also you never answered the questions about the size setting on the first screen of clonedvd or about the available hard drive space where you’re saving your temp files.

my hunch though is that as soon as you update to the current versionfo clonedvd your problems will disappear anyway

its gotta have something to do with hitch because i just tried a different movie and it seemed to work fine

friend of mine on soulseek

ok then…that’s your problem right there. go to and download the 21 day free trial of clonedvd and you shouldn’t have any problems with hitch.

did you also get anydvd from soulseek? if so, that’s probably out of date as well. i suggest you get the up to date versions of both from

why would you dl outdated versions on soulseek when the up to date ones are available from teh developer?

i apologize for not being more informative.i have plenty of space on my hard drive and my burner is samsung sc-148a and i dont see that size setting

you need to update your programs before they will work correctly. developers issue updates for a reason.

any dvd is up to date but when i dl clone and installed it it said the trial was up but i tried to get them both today from sly and was only successful with anydvd

then you’ve already used up your free trial of clonedvd in the past.

that means it is what i suspected from the beginning…if you’re using a version of it you’re using a crack which we do NOT condone on this forum. please read the forum rules.

either pay for the software or find a freeware solution.

gotcha man thanks and i apoligize again