Clone DVD hangs or reboots

Have used ANYDVD and CloneDVD for almost a year with no problems. After installing latest versions of both, for CloneDVD, computer will hang up or just reboot when I get to the Output Method screen. Have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times, even cleaned out registry with regedit (except for the keys)

I was having the same problem. At first I thought this was a problem with AnyDVD, but I think it may be a porblem with CloneDVD or AnyDVD or both? (I am running Windows 2000 PRO).

After several attempts to uninstall and reinstall the software, defrag, clean registry, etc. I could only fix the problem with a format of my hard drive, reinstall of the OS and a reinstall of PREVIOUS versions of Clone and Any (that’s CLONE from Feb 2006 and AnyDVD from April 12, 2006. Fortunately, I had saved these to a CD. As you know you can’t download old versions from the Slysoft site. I really disagree with this policy. If someone has a problem with a new release there’s no way to download a version you know worked on your system?? Bad Slysoft… Bad!! ; )

You should know that after the format and reinstall of my OS, I did try to reinstall the newest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD, but my system crashed! Only uninstalling these versions and reinstalling CloneDVD and AnyDVD solved the problem.

What OS are you using? Is it 98, 2000 or XP?

Hope this helps!


Updates on SlySoft’s part, are to keep up with ever changing copy protection, and to give end users added features and enhancements. (all of this for life, I might add)
To provide older versions would not be beneficial to them, or the end user, as their support work load would be spread over to broad an area, with to many variables. With that approach, chances are none of us would be backing up our movies today.
You have done the right thing by keeping your own archive of the software, should you have any problems after updating. However, this should go without saying. You have downloaded the software from the internet, and it is your responsibility to back it up.
You wouldn’t throw away an install disk for Windows XP and expect a replacement after experiencing problems with an update would you? :rolleyes:

I thought I was the only one having this kind of problems but now I realize there are others with similar problems and different windows.

I’m very happy with Slysoft… AnyDVD… CloneDVD… The updates are greatly appreciated and it’s nice to see that Slysoft takes care of their paying, loyal customers!.

However, I must say that I would expect Slysoft to better test these updates to be sure they are not introducing severe problems that affect the very same customers they clearly care so much about. Many of us use our computers for work purposes. When a possible bug (which may be the case here) causes customers to spend hours troubleshooting a system crash problem caused by an update (only to have to format hard drives and reload operating systems in order to get up and running again) it’s a major hassle and Slysoft should move quickly to correct it. So far all we have heard from Slysoft is that they feel “it’s a driver problem” that the customer has.

Do you recall when an update caused the theor software to become inoperable in Windows 98 systems back in 2004 or 2005? Days later (after being told it had nothing to do with the update) Slysoft admitted they introduced a bug in an update and then released an update to fix the bug.

My point is this: Slysoft should not fall off the “Great Customer Care Bandwagon” when we have problems due to a new update. Take your customers seriously and don’t just assume it’s a problem that has nothing to do with your software.

Thanks for a great product and thanks for listening!


There are many or us that have never had a problem, update upon update. Most problems people report are due to conflicts within their systems or, heaven forbid, cockpit errors…Some are software related and these are promptly fixed…Trying to keep “dead” and imperfect software compatable obviously adds to some of the problems…You always have an alternative…don’t use it if you don’t like it.

Have you counted the revisions to AnyDVD in the past few days? Someone has been working overtime to resolve bugs. :clap:
If that isn’t great customer care, I don’t know what would be.
It would be literally impossible for any software writer to bug test for every system configuration. It just stands to reason that there will be some conflicts.
And as bilbo65 stated, many of us did not have any problems, with any of the updates.
Go over to the Nero forum and take a look at the problems the newest Nero 7 update is giving people, and decide then if SlySoft is giving good customer care.

[I]“Have you counted the revisions to AnyDVD in the past few days? Someone has been working overtime to resolve bugs.” [/I] That’s true. But my question is: Why not instruct support people to tell customers that “there may be a problem and we’re woking on it?” Instead we get “it’s your drivers.” These forums are funny places. Some of you seem to get mighty defensive when someone (like me) says anything that could be regarded as a constructive complaint about this company (Slysoft) or its product. Tell me… how would anything ever get to be the best it can be if no one pointed out areas in which improvements are needed?

BTW- I did say that I was happy with the product. And I see yet another new version has been released. I will try it and hope for the best.



Most of us here have come to the conclusion that “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink” applies to a lot of the problems here…Things are pointed out or suggested that solve the problems “most” of the time., but not every case…

Hello Folks,

On one of my computers I am running Win2000 Pro SP4 with AnyDVD v5.9.5.9 – CloneDVD without any problems. Also have WinXP Pro SP2 on two other computers with AnyDVD v5.9.5.9 – CloneDVD running without any problems. Also have WinXP Pro SP2 on my Toshiba laptop and have AnyDVD v5.9.5.9 – CloneDVD running without any problems. In all my computers AnyDVD v5.9.5.9 – CloneDVD are running flawlessly with any problems.

As I have stated above have AnyDVD v5.9.5.9 – CloneDVD running on 4 four different computers have not had any problems with theses software programs. I believe before someone assumes that there are flaws with AnyDVD-CloneDVD software program that they take a hard look at the various software programs that they have installed on their computers that could be causing conflict errors. Anti-Virus and Packet Writing software programs are notorious for being very invasive and causing conflict errors problems. Also background Multi-Tasking operations conducted while performing backup coping of Commercial DVD Movie Titles can cause confect errors.

To ensure that all background operations are in fact curtailed check that all unnecessary programs are not automatically loaded during Window Startup. To check this suggest viewing the below Web Link that details how to use MSCONFIG to configure Windows Startup to load only necessary items. You will be surprised at all the unnecessary Memory and Resource wasting items that are automatically loaded during Windows Startup. Quite possibility some unnecessary item automatically loaded during Windows Startup that you are unaware of that could be interfering with the popper operation of AnyDVD-CloneDVD and causing problems.

Best Regards,