Clone dvd gives bad media error only on dual layer

It gives error Writedvd 10 11 w2
and stops. the disk doesnt get ruined
but it will not write. also its says its erasing?
memorex dual layer, asus mobo, plextor px716a.

It works fine on single layer any brand i use.

any ideas?

never mind uninstalled and went back to the old version and
it works like a charm. Must be something in new version?

I guess memorex is your problem not the best media. Try Verbatim DL.

had the same problem about a 2 months ago. I couldnt even burn verbatim DL. so I switched dvd burners. Well just a few days ago the same problem stated up again. Cant burn to any DL brands. I suspect again a change of clone dvd versions. How can I go back to a previous version of clone dvd?

I have used ConeDVD2 for 3 months & backup a lot of movies & documentaries in DVD5 & DL. My rule of thumb is ‘when everything is working fine, do not update’ I am still running on & my AnyDVD is 5.8.41 & am still using Nero
Before using CloneDVD, I was using DVD X-Copy Platinum for more than a year & then switch to DVD Shrink. Total movies backup more than 200.
My fav media is Verbatim & TDK DVD-R/DVD+R DL.
Before attempting to burn DL, make sure you have lots of unfragmented hard disk space because CloneDVD needs to copy the entire movie on a temp folder & it must reside in a single segment of your hard disk. If this temp folder is fragmented, you will have a problem during burning.

good information tonistein. I followed the same path as you. I from now on will not update my versions.

@ tonistein,

You are providing an excellent recommendation in ensuring that the Hard Drive is De-Fragmented and the Temporary Directory where CloneDVD is processing DVD Files is also Un-Fragmented.

You imply that this is only pertinent if you are burning to Dual Layer DVD Media. It should be noted that this recommendation applies to all instances even if you are burning to Single and/or Dual Layer DVD Media. This is just good prudent computer management and has nothing to do with Dual Layer DVD Media.

You also imply that it is prudent NOT to update to the newest most recent versions of CloneDVD and/or AnyDVD. In the volatile ever-changing Commercial DVD Movie Titles copy protection arena this suggestion only leads to definite and well-documented problems. Suggest visiting the SlySoft AnyDVD history change log ( and SlySoft CloneDVD history change log ( In reviewing these change logs you will see that SlySoft has expended great efforts to update and improve their software programs to deal with the new technology employed by the Commercial DVD Movie Titles manufactures. Suggesting not to take advantage of their efforts and expertise is questionable.

Best Regards,

I am not implying that all updating is bad. As I had said ‘when all is fine, why bother to update?’ I will only update when I hit the wall. Many people update their MB bios without knowing the consequences but this is still something that can be undone. Updating firmware on optical drives are one way - it may render the drive useless. I don’t intend to upgrade to Nero 7 because I am very comfortable with Nero 6. If I can still backup the latest movies with my present version of CloneDVD2 & AnyDVD, why change? I am a very contented person.

Generally not, sometimes they’re some buggy firmwares but you can almost switch back to a previous version. And generally is a firmware for an optical drive useful. Not to talk about better writing strategies more or better support for certain media and support for newer media.