Clone DVD Freezes in Writing Mode

I’m using Any DVD and Clone DVD - I just upgraded both applications yesterday and the Clone DVD started freezing at around the 96-97% complete stage (usually with 16 seconds left to copy).

I defragged my hard drive and was able to make a couple of copies before it started freezing again. Once this happens, it takes awhile to reboot my machine as well as shut down Clone DVD. I also went into the hardware manager to ensure my Primary & Secondary IDE Channels were configured for DMA transfer (both were).

Could this be a hardware issue? i’m using an HP DVD740e over USP2 connections. The PC is a fairly new Dell Inspiron E1505 running XP Professional.

I’ve never had problems up this point. Any suggestions? (I searched for a similar topic but couldn’t find one).

Welcome to CDF. :slight_smile:

What media are you using, and what burn speed?

TDK medium, which up to now has been fine, the burn speed is set to maximum. I could try to slow it down a bit, but always thought that impacted the quality of the burn vs. the burn itself.

Cool forum, I really appreciate the help. I’ve always referred to CDF but usually found my answer without having to post. Till now at least ;<(

Oh yeah, the media is DVD+R…

I’m assuming maximum is 16x, since you didn’t mention it…

Slowing down speed actually helps sometimes, especially with 16x media. 12x or 8x is usually a nice sweet spot. :slight_smile:

You’re right though, too slow can often result in worse burns, which is why I suggested 12x or 8x to start :slight_smile:

Try to uninstall both AnyDVD and CloneDVD then restore your system to few week back reinstall both programs and try to see if the problems has fad away.