Clone DVD fom Elby in german computer magazine!


I just found this:

It’s true, there is a review of CLoneDVD from Elby:

They made a comparison of several available transcoder products.

Anyone has this magazine?


CloneDVD testing is currently available under NDA, some seem to take the risk to break this, we will not without explicit permission of Elby.

CloneDVD is currently in beta stage and I know that many people of also the CD Freaks community are currently in process of beta testing the software and I am pretty sure they are still sending feedback to Elby. So test results might change troughout the coming weeks.

The “c’t” is Germanys most famous computer magazine. I doubt they do anything that is not allowed…

So still the question is: Has anyone this magazine?

Seems to be interesting for all of us here…


doesn’t sound promissing

but as it is still beta, it is to early to judge

No wonder it’s taken them this long to release it then…

On that note, anybody know what the current state of Ice Alcohol is? :bigsmile:

if it is the current magazine (i mean of this month) i will try to get it


Expect the release of CloneDVD in the upcoming hours

It’s out!


downloading it in the next minutes