Clone DVD Error


I am testing Clone DVD along with anydvd and when I point the browse for file at the DVD to get the info, Clone DVD closes

System spec

1gb ddr ram
120gb hd

I have also tried it with DVD region free but same result

Suggestions please?

I have uninstalled reinstalled added DIVX packages etc so I am now stumped.

oh and thanks in advance :smiley:

What are the brands/models of your CD/DVD-ROM/burner units

Ah yes sorry

Pioneer DVR 104


I have purchased Clonedvd and anydvd

Trialling dvdregionfree and it has the same problem

Any help appreciated.

Iā€™m stumped too. Can you drag and copy the VIDEO_TS folder in Explorer with/without AnyDVD? Check out these posts, these and these. :slight_smile:

Nope couldnt do that although I did system restore and it seemed to cure it.

Reinstalled and everything working fine now. Still no idea what caused it though

Thanks anyway for any help