Clone DVD error with "ENOUGH"/maybe Olly can help



I wanted to paste the screen as it appeared but can’t.
ANyway, while trying to back up the movie ENOUGH (the one with jennifer lopez) it seemed that anydvd did his job fine. Then, I opened Clone DVD last version, I selected 2nd option, indicated the folder and started. At the 11th VOB files I got an error message from Clone.

DVD file creation error

DVD file creation failed: (new line)
(new line)
Scheduler 0 F:\VIDEO_TS/VTS_11_1.VOB:23: error reading TCSectorReader TCE

I translated it from italian.

It is the first time that this happens. I already made copies of several DVD’s (last was 007 die another day) and had NO problems.
Tried DVD Decrypter but at about 65% of the job done, I got another error message.
I tried again with AnyDVd and Clone and a different movie (Contact starring Jodie Foster) but Clone returned the same message.
Recently I installed a second HD for editing video, I also installed Pinnacle Studio 8 and freeRIP (I small program to convert audio files into mp3). But I don’t think this is the cause.
How can I deal with this problem?
I run a Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz machine, with Windows XP HE installed.
The movie is a region 2 (I suppose since I live in Italy) and has four langagues (english italian spanish and portuguese)
Thank you for your help


Two different DVDs?
Two programs fail?

I suspect it’s not CloneDVD or DVD Decrypter on their own. DVD Decrypter can do the job if Clone cannot, but if DVD Decrypter fails…well, I don’t know.

Search on this subforum using Olli’s nick. There’s several questions he always asks


I simply used some tooth paste and polished the DVD surface. It got brand new and stopped getting error message from Clone DVD.


>error reading TCSectorReader TCE

I forgot to say that this means that there’s an physical error on the DVD - happened to me.



(off topic) you mention you cannot paste the image, now if you really cannot use the windows paste function, then you probably have the W32.Blaster worm,

just thought it worth mentioning as I had it and it is a pain.


Hi I’ve had the same problem and tried DVD Shrink. Dvd Decryptor etc etc. Tried to create image files … no go! Bang! … I suddenly thought …what about reading from my DVD writer (pioneer 106)? … worked like a dream … created an image file through clone dvd and burnt it through CloneDVD (both with Anydvd running) … all done!

Hope this helps!


TOOTHPASTE??..and who said it was only good for your teeth…not only did the disc get fixed but it smells minty fresh too…LOL