Clone Dvd error 5 5

I have a problem to write a dvd with clone dvd

This is my hardware configuration:
Amd Athlon XP 1800+, 512 MB Ram, Nec ND-1300 Writer …

I use dvd-decripter for ripping dvd then open my CLONE-DVD and lounch movie-only to create a iso image, now i select write existing data, select my iso image and then press go.
Now clone dvd start the burn process and a message appear: BURNING PROCCESS WAS UNSUCCESFUL ERROR: 5 5

What is this?

I use TX dvd-r

Thanks for your attention and Sorry for my bad english

The latest version of CloneDVD fixed some of these 5 errors

Also, the files may be too big for the disc. I had the same problem when I tried to burn 4.4 GB onto a 4.38 GB disc

Thanks for your answer!
I use clonedvd version, latest version.
I make iso image directly with clonedvd, this iso file is not to big then 4,37 Gb.
You think is possible that problem is my dvd-r media?

Media? CloneCD doesn’t have a problem with media but your drive may