Clone DVD/ DVD Shrink Speed/Quality

I am now on my final days of the trial of Clone DVD and will be making a decision as to whether I will buy it or not.
It seems to me that Clone DVD is faster than Shrink, however I am a Noob and thought that I would ask experienced members.

I mentioned that I use the recommended Japan media, Maxell, Sony, Imation, or TDK as BenQ says they support for my external 162I dual layer 16X burner and have been happy with the results. I principally use Maxell R+ as it is most readily available retail store wise and I don’t do that many backups.
I also use the program Any DVD by Slysoft.

I use my purchase version of 1 Click DVD Copy for smaller data backups and was told to use Shrink or Clone DVD as it handled the compression better for larger data backups.

Now what I am wondering if it is my imagination that Clone DVD is faster in doing the backup compared to Shrink and what the opinions of experienced members were on both programs, also considering quality.
I have not had a bad backup yet using any of the 3 programs and always burn in DVD-ROM and the media plays in 4 different models of standalone dvd players with no problems.
I keep checking for firmware updates and simply am happy with the end product.
The reason I was looking for an alternate to Shrink is that I am a Noob and don’t do a lot of backups and found that I had to refer to notes before I undertook a backup. Thus Clone DVD became an option. (user friendly for the Noob)

Now it is either my imagination or is Clone DVD actually faster in completing a backup? And does Clone DVD have as much versatility as Shrink?

I look forward to comments as I have 7 days remaining on Clone DVD in the trial that I have.

Thanking you in advance, :bow:

In my experience both programs are comparable in quality. As for speed, speed varies with each computer, so only you can be the judge of that. Make two backups of a DVD, one with CloneDVD, the other with DVD Shrink and use a stopwatch to see which one is fastest. Use the same drive for reading and the same DVD media and burner for burning.

Of couse DVD shrink as the advantage of being freeware.

I totally agree with TommyCP on this.

There’s really so little to choose between the two other than cost. And if one is a couple of minutes faster/slower than the other does it really matter?

I love the software from SlySoft/Elby. Love it. Own AnyDVD and CloneCD.

However… that said, I have found little use for CloneDVD lately. Maybe if I backed up complete movies without editing them first more often, I might use it. But my current method is:

  1. Load the movie in Shrink/Recode. See what the compression looks like, and what I want to remove.

  2. Load the movie in VOBBlanker, and snip it.

  3. Load it back up in Shrink/Recode and have at it.

I personally prefer the interface in Shrink/Recode. HOWEVER, I think that CloneDVD is a fine program that meshes exceptionally well with AnyDVD and is relatively idiot-proof. And support matters - something with SlySoft/Elby has in spades… and which DVD Shrink has only informally (here). Note also that Ahead (Nero) is never going to provide an awful lot of support for people who copy protected movies, since they want to avoid a lawsuit. :wink: