CLONE DVD - DVD image (ISO) - Whats tht? ++ Help with copying --- Assistance


First querie:
In copy as option i get options,

DVD image (ISO)

I want to know whats this image(ISO) thing? which option out of two yeild better option?

Second querie:
I copied movie only (1HR 40Mins.) with option DVD-5, and i get in quality bar 90% and when i choose option DVD-9 i get 100% quality bar.

Now the catch is DVD-5 option copies the movie with file size 3.95GB, and DVD-9 option creates file size 4.35GB.

So how come DVD-5 option says cant fit the movie on single DVD and hence shows 90% and decrease quality?

Third Querie
I want to burn DVD disks,so how to use built-in burn software on clone DVD?
At the moment i use Nero 7 (Which nero option U all use?, i use DVD-Video files option)

Anybody out there ?

I guess nobody wants to write you a book lesson.

Keeping it simple; ie CloneDVD usage without theory:

If your original DVD is a SL release (4.37GB or less) then choose DVD5 in CloneDVD and burn to a SL media. You will get a copy with no compression necessary.

If your original DVD is a DL release (4.37GB or more) and you still want to burn it to a SL media, choose DVD5 and CloneDVD will automatically transcode/compress the data to fit on your SL media. Remove whatever elements you don’t want in order to lower compression levels and raise quality a bit. Then just keep clicking on the “Next” button and your will progress to the Rip and then the Burn phases of making a backup.

If your original DVD is a DL release (4.37GB or more) and you want to split it over two SL media in order to avoid loss of quality due to compression then keep CloneDVD set to DVD5, [I]highlight the main-movie titleset [/I] and then click on the “Scissors Icon” to enter CloneDVD’s splitting interface. Move the sliders to include the main-movie chapters you want split over the two disks. It is a two step manual procedure … first make backup disk1 then go back and make backup disk2 to include all that was not included on disk1. Manually juggle the extras anyway you want over the two disks. … if you desire, you can still eliminate extras, audio tracks, or elements which you don’t want or need on your backup. Watch the compression meter during your split maneuvers to be sure you are retaining 100% quality on both backup disks.

If your original DVD is a DL release (4.37GB or more) and you want to burn it to DL backup media (Verbatim brand [I][U]strongly[/U][/I] suggested), then choose DL in CloneDVD and your will get an uncompressed DL backup.
… Or use Slysoft’s CloneCD to make an actual 1:1 mirror duplicate (retaining the original’s layer break) onto DL media. Suggest you use only Verbatim brand (made in Singapore) DL media. No one else is capable of manufacturing reliable DL media at this point in time.

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Also, you can click on help in CloneDVD and an Elby user’s manual is there for you to read … but I find it “obsure”, to say the least, in some areas of it’s instruction.

So can somebody post that link to the better CloneDVD instructions set for craige4u. I thought it was a sticky but I don’t see it(?) I think Alan knows where it is. craige4u is used to “Nero think” and needs to orient himself to CloneDVD methodology.

Thanks anybody… :cool: