Clone DVD drive reqirement

Been reading through tons of posts here, but find that most are old and dated. Basically, I need to know what currently available brands and models of DVD burner are the most recommended for use with Clone DVD. Also, is Clone DVD the best at making backups of both DVD movies and video games? I see other DVD copy software, but need to be able to backup most any DVD movie, as well as any of the video games available. I wish Clone CD and Clone DVD had a web location where the hardware requirements are listed, like Clone CD used to do a few years ago. With -DVD +DVD, and other stuff. I suspect that +DVD will win out over the others. Am I right? Any help and assistance is appreciated.

I don’t know if there’s a list of hardwre supported by CloneDVD (I couldn’t find any list within a couple of minutes), but I really doubt if there’d be much problems with the hardware supported by Elby.
If you really want to be sure before you buy anything, either post your question about the compatibility between a certain drive and CloneDVD on our forum, ask CloneDVD’s support service or download the trial version…
Back in the times when Elby listed the hardware supported by CloneCD, this was quite nessecary, as only a limited set of writers could do all the tricks required to make a working copy of a game.

You say you want to use CloneDVD for copying video games and video DVDs. For what games are concerned (there are only a few available on DVD yet!), you can use any program like Nero (AFAIK, there are no “real” copy protections for games on DVD out yet). CloneDVD is made for backing up movies. It’s performance in this discipline is (to my personal experiences) somewhat mediocre. The interface of the program is very very good, the quality of the transcoded video’s isn’t the best around. CloneDVD itsself doesn’t support the ripping of protected discs, so you need additional software to do so.

To CloneDVD, it doesn’t matter what format (-R or +R) you use. Most probably +R will be the future, but Pioneer isn’t giving up yet so having a dual-format writer never hurts :).

Personally, I’d never buy CloneDVD, as DVDShrink can do about the same (even more in some disciplines) as CloneDVD and it’s for free! But ok, if you want a fancy looking interface, CloneDVD might be a nice product. The same goes for Pinnacle Instant copy, though that program is somewhat slower, but giving quite some better imagequality.

Thanks for the additional info on Clone DVD and hardware requirements. Originally, I thought that Clone DVD was a DVD version of Clone CD, which I have used before with very good results. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that Clone DVD was not designed to backup a copy protected DVD, so I actually bought the Clone DVD (through just a few days ago in anticipation of using it for just this purpose. My hope is to backup some of the Game Cube games, as well as some store bought DVD movies. In these forums, I have seen a few posts about some problems backing up a few movie titles. The DVD recorder technology and assorted recording software is new to me, but I have been doing CD burns for several years and I expect that like the old VHS and Beta Max war of years ago, the +DVD will win the battle. If there are other DVD writing programs out there that can handle more DVD backup issues than Clone DVD and the DVD Shrink that you mentioned, can you enlighten me on what would be most helpful and practical to use. I see other threads mentioning ‘transcoding’, but I am not familiar with that term. I must assume from reading the other positive posts that DVDshrink might be a good option. Imagine, all this time I thought that DVDs also had copy protection of some kind or another. I guess its only a matter of time before this situation will change.