CLONE DVD copy quality

I have version…my question the copy quality. Does the DVD movie have an effect on the quality or is it the software? Is there a way to get the exact quality as the original movie?

Of course is there a way to get the same quality as the original, splitting to 2 discs or backup on a double layer disc. And the first question i’d say both when the original dvd hasn’t a good picture quality then you couldn’t expect a better quality after compressing it, you know what i mean not all dvds are perfectly digitally mastered like older movies for example. But also the software plays a role regarding the output.

does the speed at which you burn affect quality? I am using 16x DVD-R media(Memorex brand). Is it better to burn slower than the max speed the media allows?

not if it isnt dual layer media. Do a disc quality test with nero cd/dvd speed and see what you get. if its 80% or higher your dvd player should have no problem playing it. Depending on your burner you will have to scan at a different speed. (lite on/sony -4x, benQ 8x). To answer ur ques, no slower doesnt always mean better. If you find that your burner doesnt do such a great burn with 16x, write at 12x.

And also i’d avoid memorex media, these are :Z

REally? I got like 100 of them too. What brand would you recommend then?

Verbatim and Taiyo yuden

Could you sell them? :bigsmile:
Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, genuine Maxells and some Ricoh.

Beat you to it :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

I think I’ll keep them

As far as audio channel settings, should I set to 2 or 5 channels or both? I notice if I uncheck either one the quality gets better.

Memorexes are good for trap shooting and to scare birds from the garden…

I select the 5 channel audio since is will play on 5.1 systems and also on mono/stereo TVs. The 2 channel is sometimes used for the director’s comments track.

Memorex is like a lady of the street selling services and proclaiming condom’s not necessary :slight_smile: LOL

These cryptic comments bashing Memorex products are all well and good - but no one has even inquired as to what media is actually being discussed here. As we all know, Memorex does not actually manufacture media - they sell media made by oem suppliers under their brand name. Just like so many other brand names.

jon, I suggest you identify the actual manufacturers code of the Memorex media you are using. You can do this with DVDInfo. Then, look up that exact media (by internal code number) on to see what experiences others are having. That combined with your personal experiences with the media on your system can guide you on whether to use these in your burner, or use them following some of the other “constructive suggestions” made in this thread.

For example, it could very well be that this Memorex media is actually CMC media. Mentioning CMC media in this forum will most likely get you a fresh series of critical comments. I’m not disagreeing with some of those criticisms. But I generally do ok with CMC media packaged under the TDK brand name in my Benq 1620. You need to make up your own mind about media, focusing on the actual manufacturer id.

By the way, I NEVER burn any media at the highest rated speed. I would be burning your 16x media in my 16x burner at 8x maximum. I might even burn it at 4x if any problems develop. The burn speed can impact the readability of the burned media in your player, especially towards the end/outer rim of the media since the burn speed tends to be at its maximum there. If there are problems, it can show up as video artifacts (tiling, hesitations, etc.) or actual lockups when playing. And burned media can deteriorate over time. It may burn and play just fine initially, and then deterioriate over time. I understand this has to do with the type and quality of the dye used in the media, as well as how and where it has been stored (ie. leaving them lying around the front seat or dashboard of a car is hazardous to the health of optical media).



I fully agree that the slower you burn the better the end product. However; I have found (unlike most who visit here) that I can use no name 8x and 16x white inkjet printable media with out any problems. With 8X media I never, ever burn faster than 4x and with 16x media I never, ever burn faster than 8x and most of the time I burn 16x media at 6x.

As you can see below, I use nothing but the best DVD burners. For decrypting and burning I do the following.

With AnyDVD (very latest version) running in the background, I decrypt the dvd using dvd decrypter. Then if possible I use DVD shrink to shrink the movie. Having said that, there are movies out there that DVD Shrink just can shrink. After doing that I always use CloneDVD 2 to burn the movie to disc.

I don’t know which is more important. 1. speed of burn 2. media 3. burner or program that you use to burn with. I can tell you that after many, many, many backups using that method, I almost never make coasters!


Why do you take all of those steps ERIC? Isn’t AnyDVD with CloneDVD supposed to do everything fine and burn to dvd disc??? I am trying to see if those 2 programs are worth the money or if I should stick to dvd fab/ dvd decrypter and dvd shrink. Give me some input.

Absolutely worth to invest in anydvd/clonedvd. These steps are not really needed, but everyone has its own methods for backups.

Always nice to have more than one option but “Deep Analysis” & Adaptive Error Compensation" was added to Shrink for a reason.