Clone DVD can't read some copied disk

After a recent upgrade I started getting a error when trying to recopy a DVD. I have tried several, some copy others give this error. Unable to read video files. When you click on details, it give you this error.

DVDManager 0 Common 0 4294967285 0

Does anyone know whats wrong?

Ed :doh:

Just to mention you should post this in CloneDVD forum not CloneCD forum. But back to the problem what version do you have? And also what do you mean recent upgrade and what program are you using CloneDVD or another? You did mention CloneDVD but was that the program you used?

Hi kymudd and welcome to our forum. We will need alot more information than that to answer your question and the above poster is right let me see if I can move this thread to the Clone DVD Forum. Please do not start another thread.:disagree: