Clone dvd anydvd

I am definitely nicky newbie.

After installing Anydvd and clonedvd, I ran anydvd (which simply put up a screen to modify settings, then ran clonedvd.

Before copying the movie, I ran it on the same computer to make sure it was viewable.

The software went through the whole 70 minutes copy process which ended with a popup telling me it was all successful.

But… when I went to play the copy on both a TV and the same computer, the TV said it couldn’t read it and the computer said that Windows didn’t recognize the format or that it was corrupted…

I set the CSS field to keep the information and checked to see it was written to the disk. It was.

With all that said, I saw that anydvd combined with clonedvd hasn’t any trouble with css (if that’s the problem). Is anydvd doing anything? Am I running it properly? Most of all, why can’t the movie be played/read.


I set the CSS field to keep the information and checked to see it was written to the disk.

There is really no need to have this checked. Do you have any packet writing software installed and running during this process?

Examples…Nero InCD or Roxio Drag & Drop.

back at you,

Regarding InCD, the icon is at the bottom of the screen. I have no idea if it’s active or not.

As far as the obvious, you’re right on, but at this point, I’m not sure what’s obvious and what isn’t.

What’s next??

Remove InCD, Sonic DLA etc. Reboot. Burn another disc.

I’ve removed incd via “remove software” in the control panel. the primary drive already had DMA enabled, but after following the instructions link, the secondary (where the dvd files are kept) wouldn’t/couldn’t change.

I have no idea what that signifies. Since room is running out, I guess I have to get another drive and move some C: drive stuff onto it to make more room.

I’m going to study this situation a bit more. If you have anymore thoughts, I’ll appreciate them. When I’ve made progress, I’ll get back here.