Clone DVD any good?


Has anyone tried this software found here … hxxp:// … i was just wondering if it was any good . I normally go the route of …

  1. Copy whole DVD to my HDD with DVDdecruptor
  2. Shrink it with DVD2one
  3. Burn with the latest Nero

Can you imagine how much easier this would be if ALL the above programs could be merged into one so all you do is click GO come back after around 45 mins to 1 hour and ALL is done a perfect 1:1 copy menus extras n` ALL . The above website is not exactly explanitory about what goes on and how this software works so maybe if someone here has used it and could explain that would be helpfull to me and a lot of others .


KEN :wink:

This can already (partly) be done with e.g


DVD Copy:

DVD Cloner:

I use decrypter,dvd2one, & Nero. I also bought DvdXpress and I am 100% happy with it. I see some people complain it takes to long to make their backups. I back up my dvd’s from 20 minutes to 45 minutes with DvdXpress, and yes with the click of one button. Im glad I bought it, it’s worth every penny!

I use DVD Decrypter, DVDShrink, and Nero. I also bought a NEC ND-1100A and I’m 110% happy with it. I see some people complain how much it costs for DVD2One and DXP. I backup my DVDs from 7-10 minutes w/ DVD Decrypter, 15-20 minutes w/ DVDShrink, and 18-22 minutes w/ Nero, with the click of multiple buttons. I’m glad I didn’t buy any commercial software 'cause they are a waste of money, and I have friends who actually bought DXP to prove it. Poor bastards…:Z