Clone DVD and Shrink causing computer trouble

I’ve been successfully backing up my movies for 10 months with clone dvd and shrink…until now ! Clone Dvd now gives me the black screen of death and restarts my comp soon after starting the first process or just as it finishes the first step. When my computer restarts my windows firewall is disabled. When I try Shrink it immediately gives me a exception error and when I close the program my antivirus is disabled. Two different virus programs are negative, spyware ad adware free. I use Dvd Decryptor. I receptly signed up for a free trial of Anydvd to see of this helps with no luck. Getting my antivirus protection and windows firewall turned on is a long and sometimes useless endevor. Whats wierd is every once in a blue moon a previously unsuccesful back up will work. I can back any of them up with Neros file backup(using 2 discs). I took my computer in to a tech and of course this was one of the fluke times it worked and said there was nothing wrong but to bring it back if it kept acting up. I’ve uninstalled and reinstallled all the programs too. Any ideas??? :confused:

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Do you remember any software installation before problems begins? Or any hardware changes?

I’ve installed an Epson Stylus Photo scanner. If you think this would do anything to my programs I could try removing it. I did unplug all extras from my usb ports and tried burning once before with no luck.

I don’t know if a scanner can inflence dvd shrink or a firewall. It seems to me very improbable. But with windows who know…

Anyway the only way to exclude this new software as a cause you should remove all and see what happen. Another possibility is to do a system restore to a date previous the scanner installation.

When I had my computer in to be checked re this problem I had a second bigger hard drive installed as i need more space and hoped it would help with any problems. Will a system restore affect this?

Sorry, my english is not perfect. Can you explain better?

Do you refer to a possible damage to data on second hard drive? A system restore should not affect in any way a hard drive, but for security you can disconnect from cable before to restore.

Check and see if you have nero’s INCD installed, or Sonic DLA. If you do, uninstall them, as they can cause symptoms similar to those you describe.
Then, go into control panel/device manager, and uninstall your secondary and primary ide’s. Then reboot and let windows autodetect the drivers. This will ensure that you are running in dma mode or UDMA for your optical drives. If you are still having problems, it could be your atapi driver. Try those things and post back.

Well I’ve tried all of the above had my fingers crossed but no luck. I may soon have to give up and do a bunch of saving and reformat the hard drive. What do you think?

When is the last time you blew out the PSU and CPU to get all the dirt and dust out of it. Find someone that has a air compresser, DO NOT spin the fans with compressed air. That will spin them faster than the bearings can take. Hold the fans with a long nail or such. Heat build up does strange things.

the easy way would be to peform a system restore to a earlier date to when it work fine try that then re-install scanner software

Unistalled scanner and software,computer was cleaned last Friday, and I’ve tried 6 system restore checkpoints and I keep getting the message your computer cannot be restored to this date, settings are on and max. disk space used for same. After the last attempt at a restore my windows screen would not load, I had to turn it off manually and let it sit for 5 min before it would load.This is a Intel Pent 4, Asus p4p800x, 80gig and 160 gig Samsung Digital UDMA ATA Hardrives, Noisetaker ATX 12V power supply,512 Micron DDR Mem. Suggestions welcome!!!

What power is the PSU?

I’m inclined to think that maybe this is more a hardware issue in that the PSU is running on it’s limit & any sudden demand for that extra bit of power causes a restart. There have been a few posts recently where the PSU has been the problem.

If you’re using XP, in the Start\Run box type msconfig.
Go to the startup tab and make note what you have checked there.
Then select disable all and reboot.
Try doing a burn and see if it works. If it works, go back into msconfig, doing one at a time, enable the programs you had checked until you find the culprit.
Begin with the software you that are more probable to cause a conflict.

You stated “After the last attempt at a restore my windows screen would not load, I had to turn it off manually and let it sit for 5 min before it would load.”

I suspect from this statement there is a glitch in your operating system.
Rather than do a fresh install you can do a repair using XP’s recovery console on the original CD. If you have a Compaq or HP that only supplies recovery disks this option would not be available to you.

Do a Google search on repairing XP for instructions.

My power is 365W. Shortly after trying the above my comp kept repeatedly crashing.I gave up and called the buiseness that built my machine for me as all hardware is under warranty. They believe it is a faulty memory stick. I’ll take it in on Monday for review. I’ll post back with the result so we know for future reference if problem arises for others. Thanks for all your help and input!!!

I could be wrong but no harm in trying is there, unless you’ve tried already!
Do an Ant-Virus n Trojan scan. Do an On-Line Virus scan,then an Online Trojan scan with two different progys…do a Spybot Search n a Ad-Aware n a HijackThis scan…
It could be a Virus or Trojan or someit!! Be Safe n give it try…

I couldn’t wait until Monday to take it in as it was messing up with any thing that used to work so I decided to open it up and try reseating the memory card. Well obviously they didn’t clean it as they said as the fan was so thick with grimmy dirt it was unbelieveable, I cleaned it as was previously suggested and reseated the memory and WOW!!! All programs are up and running like new. I’m not sure which thing was the problem but its solved. Thanks for everything.

It’s a good idea to yank all that plugs in/out and use a can of air to clean up and reseat and check connections once and awhile. I do it about every 6 months.